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Quick Guide to TigerFest Fashion


TigerFest is Towson’s annual spring festival. With inflatables, vendors and a concert it is important to dress comfortably but you can still be a fashionista! Here are some tips to help you be a trendy Tiger at TigerFest.

The best picture I could get of Kid Cudi at last year’s TigerFest.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Vans, chucks or a nice pair of sneakers are a perfect fit for TigerFest since most of your time there will be spent standing. Try to avoid heels, flip flops and sandals since it’s supposed to rain and especially if you want to do inflatables (or at least bring socks!) The rain location is usually the Towson Center so I wouldnt suggest rain boots because of the gym floor.
  2. Avoid skirts and dresses. Once again because of inflatables. You dont want to be running through the obstacle course or flying high in the extreme air swing and everyone is able to see your Vicky Secrets! Even if you don’t plan on using the inflatables you never know how raunchy concert crowds will get!
  3. Shorts or Jeans? Be sure to check the weather as with any other event but as I mentioned it is supposed to rain but it is also supposed to be about 70 degrees so shorts might not be a bad idea.
  4. Cute top or T-Shirt? This one is totally up to you. CAB is selling t-shirts made special for TigerFest but a nice tank top would feel good in breezy weather. 
    TigerFest 2013 t-shirts being sold by CAB. 
  5. Make-up: Be sure not to pile on too much make-up. Your skin may get irritated being out in the sun. If you choose to wear make-up a nice round of concealor, eyeliner and some funky spring eyeshawdows will do the trick. Be sure to use products with an SPF of at least 15 if we are outside!

Like I said, these are just my personal tips. You can jazz your outfit up or down anyway you like, just be sure to dress comfortably! Be sure to check out the last few days of CAB’s “19 Days of TigerFest” and other information about the event on their Facebook page!

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