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Paris Fashion Week was an action-packed week where designers from all around the world showcased their Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

Paris Fashion Week occured between September 27th and October 5th in Paris, France.

After closely watching all of the collections the designers had to offer, here are my favorite collections and designers of the week!


September 27th: 

  • Saint Laurant – where modernism meets 70s grunge. I felt incredibly inspired to incorporate what I saw on the runway in my day-to-day wardrobe. As a fan of YSL, I was blown away by this collection.


  • Olivier Theyskens  where preppy meets classic minimalism. I admire how consistent the minimalist and classic style is throughout the entire collection. However, I would have loved to see more diversity on the runway.


September 28th:

  • Lanvin – where 20s fashion meets modernism. Lanvin beautifully blended modern fashion trends (white, black, and electric blue) with popular trends in the 1920s (feathers, broaches, and sequins.)  



  • Yang Li where urban street style meets the future. I was pleasantly surprised by Yang Li’s collection this season. This show is among my top 5 of the week.


September 29th:

  • Balmain where earth and jewel tones meet utility styles. Balmain is known for being endorsed by the Kardashians/Jenners rightfully. Balmain never disappoints!



  • Isabel Marant – where femininity meets traditional housewife. Isabel Marant did a great job mixing tradition and femininity by incorporating ruffles, floral,and high-waisted bottoms.


September 30th:

  • Christian Dior – where real life fairytale meets comic books. This collection was a beautiful assortment of luxuy, princess-like dresses that integrated fun, comic book-like designs which left all viewers in awe.


  • Andrew Gn – where upstate new york prep meets high-end fashion. Details, details, details. This collection was full of stunning pieces that flowed beautifully together although very different when looked at individually.


October 1st:

  • Elie Saab – where disco meets the 70s. Elie Saab combines two iconic fashion eras into one in the beautiful SS17 collection. With the use of vibrant colors and abstract prints with funky 70s style influences, Elie Saab was able to create a phenomenal collection everyone could not stop talking about. I loved this collection so much that it was hard to choose my top three looks!


  • Mugler – where Jaws meets the future. The designer himself credits Jaws as his inspiration for this SS17 collection displayed at Paris Fashion Week. This is evident through the cut-out designs on nearly every garment.


October 2nd:

  • Givenchy – where vampy meets 90s. Givenchy’s show felt like a throwback to vintage 90s style by the long, form-fitting sweater styles and the pixie cuts but it also provided vampy-like vibes throughout the show. The setting was dark and the clothing was generally dark as well with black and dark red as a reoccuring theme. I loved the conglomerate of styles.


  • Maison Rabih Kayrouz – where ballet meets high-end fashion. The runway show for Maison Rabih Kayrouz’ collection was stunning and originial. The models were dancers and performed beautiful poses for the audience. The fashion aspect of the show was stunning as well. The clothing was clean, free, and comfortable.


October 3rd:

  • Alexander McQueen where victorian royalty meets rock n’ roll. Alexander McQueen does it again! This was one of my favorite shows of the week. There were obvious Victorian-era influences as well as edgy, classic rock influences. I was most blown away at the integration of the two styles. I would have never guessed that these two styles would compliment each other so effortlessly. This was my favorite show of the week.


  • Giambattista Valli – where classic romanticism meets edgy sophication. Giambattista Valli created a remarkably stunning collection with prints/details ranging from floral to sheer to really encompass the flirty and classic romanticism vibe but with an edgy flair added in. I specifically liked how realistic this show was; I could definitey see myself wearing various pieces from his collection.


October 4th:

  • Valentin Yudashkin – where neutrals meet the future. Although Valentin Yudashkin was absent from his show because he was feeling unwell and advised to not travel, his show still went on like a true artist. His collection was an assortment of gorgeous white, brown, blue, and blush colored dresses with metallic details that really set his gowns apart. The effortless blend of two very different styles stunned all who watched.


  • Ellery – where layers meet Beetlejuice. The Ellery collection was an interesting one. I enjoyed how each look was very unique and unconventional. The collection including very eye-catching and interesting looks that kept me intrigued throughout the entire show.


October 5th:

  • Louis Vuitton – where cartoon villian meets business casual. The best way to describe this collection would be “Clark Kent’s evil twin’s wardrobe.” Clark Kent’s evil twin would be a crook by day, a villiain by night, and Louis Vuitton’s SS17 collection would be their day-to-day business wardobe.


  • Miu Miu – where everyday wear meets swimwear. Swimwear is a clear theme in this collection, made obvious by the headpiece but is brillantly blurred by the garments.

*all photos provided by http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows*

*schedule provided by http://fashionweekonline.com/paris/schedule*



As the much-awaited Paris Fashion Week closes out the fashion weeks of 2016, I am thankful we were able to witness amazing artistry through runway fashions by legendary designers. I’ll see you in February for the FW 2017 shows during New York Fashion Week!


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