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“Pardi calls out ex-girlfriend, Megan Thee Stallion in new song” 

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by Ineza Merci

“Got lipo then started taking gym pic

– Pardison Fontaine 

American rapper, Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine released a diss track on Friday, towards his ex-girlfriend and Billboard-winning rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, titled “THEE PERSON”. The diss track is currently ranking #15 on ‘trending on YouTube’. Call it messy, or juicy if you will. 

 The song responded to Megan’s latest single “Cobra,” where the female rapper alluded to stumbling in on Pardi cheating on her, in their own bed. 

Megan Thee Stallion released her latest single, “Cobra” on November 3. When releasing “Cobra,” Megan provided listeners with raw and honest material; shedding off issues just like a cobra sheds its skin to become anew. She hinted at her ex, Pardi, for cheating and talked about traumas that have been difficult to overcome while being in the industry.  

One could assume that Pardi didn’t appreciate the call out in “Corba” and decided to share his side on the alleged cheating and his overall point of view of being Megan’s boyfriend. 

When you was going through sh*t, how I hold you. It’s going to be okay, that’s what I told you 

I tried to pull you up out the mug, here you tryna drown me on purpose”

Throughout the song, Pardi also expresses how he supported Megan through many ‘hard times’, including the notable, Tory Lanes trial.  

Now, will Megan respond to Pardi? We shall wait and find out. 

Ineza Merci

Towson '26

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