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As the weather gets warmer in Tigertown you’ll notice that Towson girls trade in their yoga pants and Uggs for Norts and sneakers or flip flops. What are Norts? They’re Nike running shorts! Norts and a T-shirt are the unofficial uniform for Towson girls in the spring. They can be worn to class, the mall, or just to relax in. On any given warm day you’ll see a majority of girls wearing them around campus instead of jean shorts or sundresses (which by the way, is the other unoficcial spring uniform for Towson females). 

Norts are super comfy and are available in every color of the rainbow and in a variety of patterns. They also have underwear sewn into them so they’re great if you’re feeling lazy or are in a hurry to get to your 8 A.M. lecture. They’re available at most athletic stores and online. Not a fan of Nike products? Don’t worry, many other companies make shorts similar to them such as Under Armour, Lululemon, and even Victoria’s Secret. 

So, how many pairs of Norts do you own?

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