New Music Monday: Michael Bublé's Nobody But Me

Happy Monday! Welcome to this week’s New Music Monday! Let’s just jump right into it.

This week’s spotlight is on Michael Bublé’s new album, Nobody But Me.

Oh. My. God. For those of you who have been living under a rock and have no clue who Michael Bublé is, let me tell you. Bublé is a modern-day crooner who sings sweet, sweet songs that make you feel things deep in your soul. The majority of his albums are made up by covers of jazz standards and other popular songs from years passed as well as a few original tracks. Nobody But Me follows the same pattern.

First of all, I need to rant and rave about how much I LOVE his cover of the Beach Boys’ ballad, “God Only Knows.” It’s one of my top five favorite songs of all time. So I FREAKED OUT when I found out it was going to be one of the tracks on Nobody But Me. The first time I listened to Bublé’s version, I wept. Like actually wept tears. It is so beautiful and tender and makes you feel all of the warm feelings in the entire world. If the original song did not make you feel this way already, the Bublé’s cover will. After listening to it, I felt the need to tell all of the important people in my life how much I love them and how important they are to me. This song turns me into a complete sap! Please, please, please go find a quiet place to sit by yourself and listen to it. You will not regret it. I promise.

Here is a link to the audio:

Okay, so enough about that. More about the rest of the album. It’s an interesting mix of Sinatra-style jazz and contemporary pop music. A perfect example of this is the title track, “Nobody But Me.” It’s such a fun song to listen to. You can’t help but dance to it. Like I said, his music just makes you feel things and one of those things is the need to dance. Another recognizable song on the album is “On an Evening in Roma (Sott’er Cello de Roma).” Again, it makes you feel things, like wanting to walk arm-in-arm with your best friend or SO down a cobblestone streets in Rome.

There is also a track on the record called "Someday," which was written by Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles and also features Trainor on the track. So if you like Meghan Trainor and/or Harry Styles, definitely check that out!

My top three recommended tracks from this album would be (not that they aren't already obvious):

1. "God Only Knows"

2. "Nobody But Me"

3. "On an Evening in Roma (Sott're Cello de Roma)"

The album, Nobody But Me, is available for purchase at most music retailers or listen to for free on streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

Check out Michael Bublé’s music video for his single, “Nobody But Me”: