New Music Monday: Green Day's Revolution Radio

What's up, everyone? It's time for New Music Monday! Sorry that there wasn't one last week. It's been crazy busy since everything with school is really starting to pick up. I hope everyone has had a good two weeks!


This week's spotlight is on Green Day's brand new album, Revolution Radio, which was released on October 7.

I've been a fan of Green Day since I was probably about nine years old. It was around that time that American Idiot (2004) came out. I was obsessed with that album. It’s still one of my top favorite albums of all-time. I even went with my family to go see the Broadway production of it when Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of the band, was playing St. Jimmy.

I was basically Jess and Nick from Fox's New Girl combined during the entire performance:

Many of the tracks on American Idiot were inspired by or were a comment on American political events that were happening at the time, like Bush’s presidency and the Iraq War. Revolution Radio is no different. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Armstrong talks about how the basic theme of the album is focused on the violence in the United States. This theme can definitely be seen in songs like “Bang Bang” and “Say Goodbye.”

While it’s not a rock opera like American Idiot, Revolution Radio is definitely reminiscent of the 2004 album. It has much of the same sound of American Idiot, which as a Green Day fan and a huge fan of the album I definitely appreciated.

Overall, the album is a must listen if you’re a fan of Green Day –– or even if you’re not a huge fan of Green Day, it’s still worth the listen at least once.

Here are my top four recommended tracks: 1. “Outlaws”

2. “Ordinary World”

3. "Say Goodbye”

4. “Still Breathing”


The album, Revolution Radio, is available for purchase at most music retailers or listen to for free on streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

Check out Green Day’s music video for their single, “Bang Bang”: