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National Women’s Day: Inspirational words from a strong women

Sunday March 9th was national women’s day and it’s a day that celebrates strong women that have contributed to society. It also celebrates the everyday women and her strength. But I think it does something else important, national women’s day draws attention to the inequality gap that still exists between genders. We live in the 21st century right? The women’s rights movement happened years ago, so why does it feel like there is still inequality? Why are women still paid less and objectified more? We live in a world of progressive thinking and advanced technology, so why do we still struggle in advancing in equality?

There are women that stand up and fight for women’s rights such as, Emma Watson, Amy Poholar, Tina Fey and other strong women in the media . Here are some inspirational words from strong women, showing girls to never give up and fight for equality.


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