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Michelle Vega ’16

Name? Michelle Vega

Year? Junior

Major? Psychology

Hometown? Rockville, MD

Relationship status? Taken

What are you involved with on campus? College life.

Favorite place to eat on campus? P-tux

Favorite place to chill on campus? Freedom Square

Favorite thing to do on the weekend? Ignore reality.

Favorite movie? The Little Mermaid (judge me harder) 

Favorite show? Arrow!

Favorite music genre? EDM

Favorite artist? Nelly Furtado

Celeb crush? Ian Somerhalder, he just doesn’t know he’s mine yet. Yeah ladies, he chose me.

What do you look for in a significant other? TALL, blue/green eyes, great lips, amazing smile, and not afraid to let me win when we wrestle.

What are your life goals or plans after college? I plan on getting my Masters in counseling psychology, attain my Psy.D, and eventually have my own clinic. AND my life goal is to own a baby cheetah.

Kelsey is a junior at Towson University. She is a mass communications major with tracks in public relations, advertising, and journalism and minoring in marketing. Kelsey loves One Direction, 80s movies, K-pop, and makeup. She spends her spare time watching Asian dramas, writing, googling random things, and searching for the next makeup product she wants from Sephora. Other than studying and writing for Her Campus, Kelsey likes to go to new cities and attend as many concerts as she can. She is also currently nursing a broken heart due to Zayn Malik. Twitter: @kelseyjswann Instagram: @kelsey.swann
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