Let's Not Procrastinate, Girls!

As the semester winds down, it is easy to lose track of your goal. Some people may have making Dean’s List on their minds, some have getting a 4.0 on theirs, and some have just getting at a 3.0 on their minds. Whatever the goal may be, it is more than halfway through the fall semester and we cannot let procrastination get in our way especially with about seven weeks of school left. Here are some tips to help you combat procrastination.

1.)    Prioritize-If you do not prioritize, you'll be very stressed out. Trust me, I know. Make a list each day for what assignments you are going to do and what assignments are long-term but need to be started early. You will feel a lot better if you do.

2.)    Study ahead of time­- Do this so you are not that worried about a test or a final exam. It does pay off.

3.)    Take small breaks in between-Take small breaks between your work. Do this so you will  not be too stressed out and want to stop doing your work all together.

While this is only a few tips, hopefully these tips will help you be able to be more proactive and frugal about your work and procrastinate less!