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Leave It To Eva: Sexapalooza!

Why is there so much stigma attached to sex? Mention it and it seems like the immediate reaction from whoever you’re talking to is to either laugh or cringe. And it’s so hard to look for answers–I sometimes even get embarrassed looking up stuff online, in case my friends see my search history! But Towson’s four-day-long Sexfest kicked off on Sunday, March 11 with Sexapalooza, an event designed to answer all the dirty questions in a straightforward, mature and fun way.

The event had different stations that visitors could come to and learn about different aspects of sex and sexuality. One station was all about pubic hair and grooming, and tips on how to safely do it yourself.  

I learned you should always use a new razor, to reduce spreading any bacteria around your sensitive bits!

Another station timed how fast you could put a condom on a model penis while blindfolded. In real life, no one’s going to be sitting there with a stopwatch, but I was pretty proud of how fast I got it on, considering I didn’t really have any experience! It was funny and let all of us laugh away some of the awkwardness, but they also explained the proper methods of getting a condom on a guy, and that condoms are the only way to prevent STIs besides abstinence. And even though I know a lot of people are abstinent in college, either because of religious reasons or because they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but plenty of people aren’t. That’s why there were plenty of free condoms being handed out!    

They even had condoms in different flavors. Mmm…

Other activities included masturbation techniques, lube tasting and erogenous zones. It was a little bit awkward at first, but it was really pleasant knowing that everyone was taking the whole thing seriously, and that people were asking genuine questions. I learned a lot of good little factoids–apparently prostitutes in ancient Greece and Rome were among the first to shave their pubic hair as a mark of their profession. And I got lots of free stuff, so I’ll be prepared next time my imaginary boyfriend and I get frisky.

There was free food, too, provided that you had gotten your sex card stamped from three different stations. I even had a great conversation with the event coordinator about sex education back at my old high school, which was surprisingly good considering it was western Maryland. And the best part is, this is just the beginning. There are more events going on this week, dealing with everything from sex toys to perceptions of sexuality worldwide, so by the time spring break rolls around, I’m going to be a sexpert! 

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