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How to Spend Valentine’s Day Alone: A Complete Field Guide for the Single Collegiette

Howdy loves! Are you dreading the upcoming single awareness day? Or perhaps you revel in the single life and are simply searching for fun things to do by yourself while every business is packed with smooching lovers.  Either way, you have come to the right place.   Aunt Sophia is here to help with 18 years’ experience of single Valentine’s Days.

Watch Terrible Romantic Comedies

The cheesier the better is the key here.  Who needs love when you have fake love, on television, from the comfort of your own couch, surrounded by your favorite stuffed animals that you do not have to explain to anyone because you are a single adult who can have stuffed animals if they want to.

My favorite RomComs:

He’s Just Not That into You


It is a romantic comedy that takes place in hometown Baltimore, Maryland.  Crabs are eaten, hearts broken, and bills ignored.  What more could one ask for? Oh right, Bradley Cooper.  Guess what? This movie has the handsome devil too.

John Tucker Must Die


I honestly cannot explain why I like this movie so much, but it is probably the corny science jokes.  I am a whore for nerd puns. 

“Silver and gold walk in a bar, and the bartender says ‘A u!’” 

Bridget Jones’s Diary


There is something about the scene where Jones is trying to quick change out of her granny panties before sexy time that speaks to me. 

Watch Horror Movies

What is better than cheesy romantic comedies? Gory horror movies, I tell you.  Not for the faint of heart, scary movies are a nice divergence from the classic Valentine’s Day fare, and they are so good.

My Recommendations:

My Bloody Valentine


Killer with pick axe murdering young people on Valentine’s Day.  Gory, but it features Dean from Supernatural, so totally worth it.

Cabin in the Woods



Joss Whedon made this.  That is all I have to say.

Eat Yummy, Comfort Food

I never recommend using food as an emotional crutch, as it can become just that, especially on Valentine’s Day.  However, I do believe in treating yo’ self.  So even though someone might not be doting on you this holiday, splurge on yourself.  Eat something delicious that you enjoy.  I love slurpees, and you better bet they have been a Valentine’s Day staple.

Go Window Shopping with Friends

This may be weird, but I like to walk around the mall and just look: try on some clothes, people watch, dream of owning one of those stuffed alpacas from the weird alpaca store in the Towson mall (anyone else want one, we could go halfsies).  Not actually spending money will prevent any later guilt over retail therapy, but mall time, even without purchases, can still be therapeutic.

Friends also make the time more fun. Chatting, gossiping, and judging are cathartic in their own right, especially if you are lonely this holiday. 

“Date” Your Friend

Sometimes you just want to go on a date.  Even if you are not interested in romantic relationships, dates are so much fun (if done right)!  My friends and I go on “dates” all the time.  One person can buy the movie tickets, and the other person will grab the dinner bill.  One person drives the other.  We dress up for the occasion.  Compliments are exchanged.  “You look lovely this evening.”  “Why, thank you.  You do not look bad yourself.” Flattery, activities, and cute outfits make perfect “dates” no matter who is going on them, and friends make the entire affair much more relaxed anyway.  No need to feel pressured to be sexy or flirtatious. 

Movies to See with Your Friend on Valentine’s Day:

How to Be Single


A story that centers on Rebel Wilson teaching her protégé, played by the adorable Dakota Johnson, how to lead a happy life without being bothered by commitment.  Rebel Wilson is the sage matriarch we all need in our lives, so I will watch any of her movies, hoping she will impart some nugget of wisdom useful to the growing collegiette.  She always does.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


Jane Austen fans unite with our zombie-loving friends for a story so great it could only be made better with zombies. 


Ryan Reynolds as a sarcastic superhero who likes to talk to the audience.  Need I say more? Hopefully it will be better than his last superhero escapade in the subpar Green Lantern.

I hope every single one of you has a wonderful Valentine’s Day whether single, dating, it’s complicated, committed, or not even interested in a relationship at all.  Love comes in so many forms, not just in romantic relationships.  Remember that, and remember to love yourself!


Sophia Zahner is a freshman at Towson University majoring in History. She has a variety of interests including anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to thrift shopping. She is a slurpee enthusiast and avid DIY-er from Essex, Maryland who loves style, writing, and anything vintage.
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