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Harrison Hart ’16

Name: Harrison Hart

Major: Double major in photography and film

Hometown: Towson, Maryland

Favorite Place To Eat On-Campus: Newell

What He Likes To Do For Fun: Play Lacrosse, Hang out with friends, go to Towson sporting events

Relationship Status: Single

What Do You Look For In A Girlfriend?: athletic, humorous, involved in the community/school, and is willing to try new things and travel the world

Hidden Talent: Plays the drums

Three Words To Describe Yourself: Humble, Adventerous, and Ambitous 

Favorite Movie: Art of Flight

Favorite Genre Of Music: Dubstep and Rap

Anything Else You Want Her Campus To Know About You?: I started my own non-profit organization called The South African Lacrosse Project, which betters the lives of orphans affected by HIV/AIDS in the Limpopo region of South Africa through the sport of lacrosse.

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