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Finals Week Fashion

Some people say that Finals Week is a time where there’s no makeup and clothes don’t matter. I say you can look fabulous while acing (or failing) your exams! Here’s some tips:

1. Dress Well Test Well. I swear by this saying. If you look good you feel good and if you feel good you’ll do good on your finals. Try a nice sweater with some jeans or leggings or even a casual dress and a scarf.  And who knows, you may catch someone’s eye while leaving your exam, strike a conversation with them and boom you’re married. 

(Image courtesy of HoliCoffee.com)

2. Comfort is Key. If dressing up for exams isn’t your thing, there’s always sweatpants. Comfy, versatile, can be worn any day of the week. They come in handy if you overslept and don’t want to be late for your 8 AM test. They’re also great for late nights in Club Cook, which is open 24 hours during finals week. 


 (Image courtesy of idealuniform.com)

3. Accessorize. As previously mentioned, you should invest in a fancy plastic tumbler to put beverages in. This is a great way to save some money at Starbucks and the dining halls when you’re getting your caffiene fix before hitting the books. It also helps the environment and cuts down on waste. 


Good luck on finals everyone and have a great Winter Break! 

Junior at Towson University. Political Science major, Mass Communication minor. Raised Right. Lover of all things figure skating, the Baltimore Ravens, coffee and mixed drinks. Twitter: @Melliiisssaaaa Instagram: @Melliiissssaaaaa
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