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Fashionista: Elise Nachtigall

Elise is a Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing major at Towson University. 

Like most of us Elise can't describe her style quickly in only 3 words. But like her fun loving, easy going but still practical personality, her style fits her life. She can be found looking cute on campus, or just as cute travelling to Dublin to visit her GBig over break.

Her favorite stores to shop in are Uptown Cheapskate, for an adorable bargain. She also likes Urban Outfitters! 

Kayleigh Harper is a senior at Towson University studying Law & American Civilization where she mostly stresses about her GPA and eats chicken nuggets in Paws. She is an active sister of the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi, where she holds two chair positions: philanthropy and community service. When she isn't aggressively tweeting about current events, she can be found volunteering, travelling or going to alternative concerts. After graduation, she is torn between pursuing a career in campaign work or moving to the Pacific Northwest and opening a dainty bakery. 
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