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Fashionista: Destiny Cooke


A freshman at Towson University, Destiny Cooke wears her heart on her sleeve (both literally and metaphorically). While her passion for chic fashion sense is spot on through every outfit she creates, the most attractive part of this young woman is her ability to showcase her passion for life to the world.

Destiny prefers online shopping, particularly at H&M and Forever 21. Gold is her major go-to accessory: a cuffed earring provides her with an edgy and intriguing touch to any look, while a gold necklace can provide a pop of color to her appearance. While outwear, like a trendy jacket or coat, is an integral part of Destiny’s wardrobe, the right shoe is the make or break moment in her creations.

When asked to discuss her biggest piece of fashion advice, Destiny mentioned to never be afraid of color experimentation. She shops based on specific color schemes that best compliment her skin tone, and then continues to break her shopping routine down by playing with various tones, shades, prints, and patterns. Destiny believes if you do not consider yourself a risky individual, you are best off selecting soft colors while adding a slightly bolder color to the look for contrast. When in doubt, black is the way to go to compliment any look!

Additionally, Destiny proves how hairstyle can make or break a fashionable look. Rocking several different hairstyles since she has been on campus, Destiny loves playing with unique yet sophisticated cuts, colors, and stylings to spice up her appearance. Although hair is a crucial factor in Destiny’s looks, she explains the importance the role of a hat can play in any scenario.

Being a fashionista like Destiny is an excellent way to show the world how an outfit can represent the person you are. Destiny chooses outfits that scream her personality and personal preferences. Some of her favorite looks include vintage styles, portraying vibes from the 1980’s and 1990’s, and sometimes mixing together pieces from the Victorian Era with warm, modern choices for perfection complementation. Switching up colors or styles in general are common comments Destiny receives around campus, which directly correlate with her edgy and exciting personality. Standing at 5 feet tall, she keeps her height in mind while styling outfits and encourages you to do the same. Being confident in the skin you are in will make or break your fashion choices, in Destiny’s eyes.

Amy Phillips is a student at Towson University pursuing a double major in Mass Communications (Journalism & New Media) and Dance. She is a Jersey girl at heart, aspiring to become a News Anchor and Dance Teacher. Amy has a heart for helping others in the community, dreams of dancing in the Disney College Program, as well as becoming Miss America. Follow Amy on Instagram: amy_phillips46
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