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EXCLUSIVE: Find Out How to Win a Pair of Katy Perry Lashes

Katy Perry is known for her over the top, edgy and unique style. She never sticks to a cookie cutter image by always sporting a look that will keep you talking. In Feburary of 2012, Katy Perry teamed up with Eylure to create her own line of signature lashes to give fans a taste of what she likes in a set of lashes. We got a chance to review them and we think they’d be perfect for our Towson collegiettes!

Katy Perry’s line of lashes offers four different styles: pre-glued, party, core strip and color pop. I tried out the lashes in the style “Sweetie Pie” which are from the core strip collection. They came with the lashes, a tube of glue and a cute little sticker that says “Sweetie Pie.” The eyelashes are very thin and natural. It was almost like they are my natural eyes, yet with bigger and beautiful eyelashes. Eylure and Katy Perry did a wonderful job on the seal of the eyelash. They kept this style parallel with it’s name, Sweetie Pie. As I finish placing them on they gave my makeup a complete “sweet” and innocent look. I wore a purple lipstick and black eye liner as well. 

Application was very simple and only took a few short steps:

– To place them on, pull the strip eyelash off slowly.

– Keep the short side for the inside of your lid and the longest side for the outside.

– Line the strip up on-top of your eyelid to check for the correct length. If it is to long, cut it.

– One sized place glue on the top of the lashes where it was sticky before.

– Let the glue become slightly sticky and then place the eyelash on the lid.

– Press on the eyelash for at-least 30 seconds to a minute 

– Be sure to add your own flare with eyeliner, mascara and/or eyeshadow!

You can find the lashes at Ulta, Claire’s or your local pharmacy.

Eylure was also kind enough to send us some lashes to giveaway! If you want lashes like Katy Perry for homecoming, tweet @HerCampusTowson your favorite Katy Perry song with the hashtag #KatyPerryLashes for the chance to win!*

*Winners will be randomly selected. There are mulitple styles, which will also be sent at random.



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