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Easy Valentine’s Day Outfits

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Towson chapter.

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but you’ll feel the outfit stress for weeks. Whether you have a big date or party with friends, you still need a great outfit for this red-filled day. 

An outfit should always be tailored to the place and occassion. If you are going to dinner at a fancy restaurant, then a nice outfit will do. A nice dress with a sweetheart neckline will be classic with a pair of heels. If you’re worried about being cold, you can get a long sleeved dress that has a skater skirt. If you don’t want to go for the obvious red, white, and pink, get something with leather accents, florals, anything that highlights your style. Heels are not necessary if you are not comfortable in them. Ankle booties are very trendy this season so you can try a pair of those or ballet flats. 

For a casual date to the movies or just something that doesn’t require a dress, try one of these outfits. It is still winter, so boots would be ideal in my book. If you want to try a skirt, pair it with tights, a white cropped tee and long sweater. It’s a warm outfit but still casual and cute. Jeans and a nice shirt will be perfect for almost anything you do, so when in doubt go for that. Cutout ankle boots are also trendy this season so you can try a pair of those on with a collared shirt. These outfits are perfect for going out with your friends or going on a casual Valentine’s Day date. 

An outfit is an outfit. Remember to wear something that is your style and comfortable. If you prefer boots over heels then switch them out. Find an outfit that works for you and your date, friends or a significant other. Have fun! Valentine’s Day comes once a year! Clothes are just clothes. Make the memories for yourself. 

Emily is a sophomore at Towson University majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in journalism. She enjoys writing, listening to music, and going to concerts. She writes for Towson's newspaper (www.thetowerlight.com), on Tumblr (www.emilyimagines.tumblr.com), or on her Twitter (@dinoemmie). This is her second year on the HCTU staff and she is currently Vice President, She also enjoys creating graphics, marketing, and advertising. Emily aspires to be a magazine editor.