Easy Halloween DIY Dorm Decorations

Easy Dorm Room DIY: Halloween Decorations


While classes, clubs, and extra activities can leave any college student with limited time for Halloween decorating, these quick and easy DIY’s can give you a dorm room to make any Pinterest Mom proud. Just because you are not home this Halloween does not mean you cannot have any fun! Here are three easy do-it-yourself Halloween decorations that you can make with materials you already own. Pop in your favorite scary movie, grab a bag of candy, and take a few minutes to get in the spooky spirit this week by crafting some creative creations!



Creep It Real Banner

Materials: Black Construction Paper, White Printer Paper, Yarn, Black Permanent Marker, Double-Sided Tape, Scissors


1. Fold down the bottom corners of your black construction paper to form a triangle, giving the paper a banner shape. Tape down the corners of the triangle on the back of the construction paper.



2. Cut a long strip of yarn about the length of your entire extended arm. Place the black construction paper upside-down and align the yarn with the top of the construction paper.



3. Fold the top of the black construction paper over the yarn and tape paper flap to the black construction paper, trapping the yarn inside.



4. Write out “CREEP IT REAL” or any other Halloween message in bubble letters on the white printer paper with permanent marker.



5. Cut out the letters with scissors.



6. Tape down the letters to the front side of your banner.



7. Hang up your banner and creep it real!



Pumpkin Garland

Materials: Orange Yarn, Green Yarn, White Yarn, Scissors


  1. Wrap the orange yarn around your fingers a minimum of fifteen times (you can wrap the yarn more for larger pumpkins).


2. Pull the yarn off of your fingers and tug on the excess to gather the yarn together in one ball.



3. Wrap the yarn in a circle around the yarn ball until the edges are smooth.



4. Cut the tail of the yarn and tuck it under the previously wrapped yarn on the underside of your pumpkin. Knot the tail twice to secure the pumpkin and cut off the remaining yarn tail.


5. Tie two strands of green yarn together in a knot. Knot the green yarn around the wrapped orange yarn on the top of your pumpkin. Cut off the tail of the green yarn so that the pumpkin stem is the desired length.


6. Continue steps 1-5 until you have six pumpkins in total.



7. Cut a long strand of white yarn about the length of your entire extended arm.



8. Weave the white yarn underneath the tied stems of your pumpkins until all six pumpkins are hanging from the white yarn



9. Hang up your pumpkin garland masterpiece and have a pumpkin spice latte!




Mummy Votive

Materials: Empty glass yogurt container (any small glass container will do), White Yarn, Black Construction Paper, White Printer Paper, Scissors, Double-Sided Tape, Mini Artificial Tea Light


1. Peel or soak off the stickers in your glass container.



2. Wrap the white yarn around the glass container, leaving an empty space for the mummy’s eyes. Knot the white yarn twice around previously wrapped.



3. Cut out two circles from the black construction paper that are about the size of nickels. These will be the mummy’s eyes. Then, cut out two smaller circles from the white printer paper. These will be the mummy’s pupils.



4. Tape the white pupils onto the black eyes and then tape the fully constructed eyes to the unwrapped portion of the glass container.


5. Turn on the mini artificial tea light and add it to the inside of the glass container.


6. Turn off the lights and admire your spooky creation!