Does Your Vagina Have a Weird Smell?

            Can you smell your vagina through your clothes? Can you smell an odor from kitty through the perfume you put on too?

It might be time to revaluate the soap you are using!

Although you have showered for ten minutes with one of the most expensive and wonderfully smelling soaps, it may not be enough. Your vagina has a pH balance that you must not set off. Soaps with strong fragrances can do that. Soaps that are chemically produced can do that. Soap in general can do that. Time to throw them away. The vagina is to be washed with natural products only. Natural soaps can be expensive, but LUSH Cosmetics and whipping up something in your kitchen can keep you fresh.

You can mix honey, mint oil, Aloe Vera, coconut oil, flower extracts, and tea tree oil just to name a few. The vagina must also be soaked and scrubbed. Baths are permitted; soak at least 3 times a week. It is ideal that you fill the tub with warm water and soak for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Women spend a lot of time, during the work and school day, in stockings, jeans, and skirts. Your skin and your vagina deserve the attention.


Fill the tub with water to about boob level. Mix the water with a natural soap of your choice [make it a bubble bath if you like]. You can also mix in honey, lemon juice, Aloe Vera, flowers, or any oil of your choice. It is important that you take care of your skins natural state. Do not put too much of these items in though. Use a washcloth or your hand and scrub the outer layers of your vagina [where the hair grows] and between your butt cheeks. Please do not forget the butt cheeks because your anus and vagina are closer than you think. Scrub them, gently, maximum twice. You do not want to take your skin off. Wipe the inside valves [lips] of your vagina twice as well. Do not place any chemicals there for it is the MOST sensitive area.

[note: this applies to all women regardless of ethnic background]

If you fear that this will not work you can always use feminine deodorant. Do not spray the inside of your vagina. Hold the spray can a couple of inches away and spray the deodorant on the outside of your lips [where the hair grows].

Do you love perfume? Scare it might affect your smell?

Try body oils or roll on perfume. If you rub body oil near your vagina then only rub it on the thighs and the triangle. Do not go any where near or inside the lips.

Let me know how it works ladies,