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CONTESTANT #7: Nicholas Alexander Lucente

*Mr. Towson Campus Freshman 2015*

 Name: Nicholas Alexander Lucente

Major: Exercise Science/Spanish

Where you live on campus: Douglass

Relationship status: Single

What you look for in a girl: She has to be fun, smart, outgoing and talkative

Any talents you may have: I play baseball pretty well

Fun facts about you: I'm left handed. I can speak Spanish. I played baseball for two months with a broken arm.

Three words to describe yourself: Hard working, friendly, open

What is your favorite movie: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Favorite book: Catch-22

Hello, My name is Caitlin Long. I am currently a senior at Towson University. I am the Campus Cutie Editor for the Towson University Branch :)
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