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CONTESTANT # 4: Kevin Tracy

*Mr. Towson Campus Freshmen 2015*

Name: Kevin Tracy

Major: Business Administration

Where you live on campus: Douglass House

Relationship status: single

What you look for in a girl: Confidence, pretty smile, can make me laughAny talents you may have: I
can play guitar and make witty comments

What you do for fun on campus: Currently pledging for PIKE

Fun facts about you: I’ll randomly quote Shakespeare and my favorite food is Maryland style crabcakes

Three words to describe yourself: funny, chill, intelligent

What is your favorite movie: The Sandlot

Favorite Book: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max

Photography By Christine Long

Hello, My name is Caitlin Long. I am currently a senior at Towson University. I am the Campus Cutie Editor for the Towson University Branch :)
My name is Christine Long. I am a senior at Towson University studying to become an art teacher. I am currently the Arts Director and Secretary for Her Campus Towson. This will be my third year working on the HC team and I am excited to continue working for the group!
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