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The Chronicles of a Collegiate Traveler: The Almost Finished Blues

After an exhilarating spring break (where I traveled through parts of Italy, Germany and London), sharing every moment with my best friend, from the creepy hostels we stayed in to the breathtaking country sceneries, it is time to sink back into reality. It’s almost like quicksand. The more you freak out, the faster the reality occurs. But for a couple of days – if you take time to breath – you can slowly pull yourself out and you’re right on track again.

The momentary freak out scenario I described did in fact occur to me. I felt myself sinking fast as I said goodbye to my best friend at the airport and rode the metro all the way back to Sunderland. This quick sand I would like to deem as the “almost finished blues” (creative name, right?). The definition? After traveling during break, coming back to university and realizing that you are almost done. Then directly after that realization, getting completely homesick.

But that is why I am writing to you ladies today (and to me to convince myself) – we are almost finished. The final month for me will be filled with writing articles, papers, and creating a magazine layout. Granted, I looked up the weather for Sunderland and the next couple of weeks aren’t looking so good. But the work and routine will get me through! And anyways aren’t these “almost finished blues” part of the diagram shown before departing the states to show the rollercoaster of emotions you’ll have while abroad?

For all you ladies studying abroad: you’re almost done, you can do it! And for those of you who are simply looking in to this crazy semester from a safe spot back at Towson: support your friends and don’t be discouraged to study abroad yourself!

Feeling every type of emotion known to mankind, doing things by yourself, traveling to foreign places (and actually making friends on the way!) are all part of the exciting process of a semester of self-discovery. Trust me. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone will show you what type of person you really are. Heck. You might even grow a little as a person from this.

If you are one of those collegiates tucked safely away at Towson? Get out there and try something new! You don’t have to study abroad to throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Join a club you’ve been too scared to try, write that book that’s been brewing in your head but stopped by fear, or even head over to Res Tower and meet some of the international students.

Me at Stonehenge

Whatever may put you out of your comfort zone, I dare you to try it. This is my challenge to you.

Hi, I'm Shelby! I love fashion, words, and the beach. I am the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Her Campus Towson Chapter.
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