Campus Cutie, Zuri Akinbinu

Name: Zuri Akinbinu

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Marketing

Hometown: New Carrollton, Maryland

Relationship Status: Single

Extracurricular Activities: Students Helping Honduras, Reading, Psi Chi

What is your favorite place to eat on campus? P Tux

What is your favorite place to chill on campus?  Union

What is your favorite movie?  Carmen Jones

What are you favorite Television Shows? Good Times

What is your favorite Music Genre? R&B

What are your favorite qualities about yourself? I am humerous and have a ZERO tolerance for B.S.

Who would be your ideal qualities in a potential mate? Funny, good communications skills, respectful, motivated

What is your ideal first date? Meet up for drinks somewhere

Who is your celebrity crush? Mark Walhberg

What are your life goals? Homeowners by 25, have own therapy practice by 30, and to hopefully be a marketing executive somewhere in there.