Campus Cutie: Zach Heron




Hello, everybody! This week’s Campus Cutie is Zach Heron and girl, let me tell you: this boy is fine. He is a Junior studying Political Science and History and is from Manchester, Maryland. And yes, ladies, he is single.

He is 6’5, nineteen, and the classic blonde with blue eyes. He is on the football team, which takes up the majority of his social life. His favorite place to eat on campus between classes is Susq and at night, he goes to Paws for the Old Bay wings and fries. His favorite place to chill on campus is the football stadium, favorite movie is Gladiator, and favorite show is Friends.

What sets Zach apart from the rest is his desire to make an impact. His dad is from England and was involved in politics influencing Zach to one day maybe wanting to become a Representative, a Senator, or the President of the United States.

For a first date, Zach would want to make it memorable. “ I want to be spontaneous. Maybe go to an amusement park. The classic first date is usually going to dinner and a movie. I want to interact with my date.”

His goals for the fall semester are to make all A’s. His favorite book is Anna Karenina. He loves both cats and dogs and knows how to cook. “I can make you anything on the grill,” Heron said. “I can make you breakfast. I also know how to bake."

What sets him apart from other people is that he doesn’t try to fit the stereotype. “I’m introverted. I grew up in an English household." Aspiring to be outside of the norm, he says, "I don’t want to be defined by the people around me."

Nevertheless, Zach Heron is very friendly. So, say hello to him and congratulate him on being this week’s Campus Cutie! Also, he says to not hesitate and add him on Instagram @zachheron