Campus Celebrity: Marykate Keefe

Last semester, Marykate Keefe was elected as one of the co-presidents of Her Campus Towson. She has been a member of HCTU since her sophomore year of college when she transferred to Towson.

"Joining Her Campus Towson was one of the best decisions I have made. I have found some of my best friends and I found a group that I love," Marykate said.

Marykate is a communications major and she feels that Her Campus embodies everything that she is interested in and that she is doing in school. Her Campus Towson has been a huge part of her college career, so running for co-president and getting the position was one of the best moments she has had so far.

"I love the opportunities that HCTU has given me and I love the girls in the group. It's so fun to have everyone come together and discuss articles and events and basically everything."

Other than Her Campus Towson, Marykate is also a founding sister of Delta Phi Epsilon.

"Delta Phi Epsilon was where I felt like I found my home. I have met so many people and have created so many bonds. It's another great experience I have had."

Marykate believes that you should join anything and everything you can.

"You meet so many wonderful people that you wouldn't meet otherwise. I can honestly say that college would not be the same if it wasn't for Her Campus Towson and Delta Phi Epsilon. Go out and find something that makes you feel at home!"