Campus Celebrity: Brianna Beasley

Do you know who is on your building council for your residence hall? If you live in Marshall Hall, Brianna Beasley is one of your building representatives!

You might be curious about what a building rep does. Building reps are basically the liaison between University Residence Government and Building Council.

"Building reps go to general assemblies every week, and URG is there," Brianna said. "They give us notes about what they are planning and any information we need and then I report it to building council. I also report anything building council has to URG."

Brianna said that her main job when sharing notes is to discuss and inform URG about events that her building is planning. The purpose of this is to help formulate their plans around what URG says, and to keep all parties informed.

"We're coming up on Halloween and we already have so many events planned. We decided on doing a door decorating contest that will run for about a week and we have a scary movie night planned where we want students to come in costume. Also, next week we are going to decorate the lobby!"

There are only three building representatives in each Building Council, so for this position you have to fill out an interest form at the beginning of the year. After that, each potential building representative will give a short speech in front of the rest of Building Council about what qualifies them for the position.

"Each person went into the room individually while the rest of us sat outside and waited. They told us to talk about our leadership skills and what we want to bring to building council. After we each went, we sat through the meeting to see what it was like. Building Council then voted on the building rep and later that night, I got the e-mail that said I got it!"

Brianna always wanted to be a part of Building Council and participate in creating events for her building. She found out about the position from her RA and RLC. Brianna said that anyone in the building can be a part of Building Council without having an official position. You can be an active member that attends meetings and gives input based on what you want and what you think other students would want. Brianna urges all students to get involved with their residence hall's Building Council.

"Building Council is interesting and it looks good on a resume. Do it!"