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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are less than a week away! As we prepare to shop the biggest sales of the year there are a few tips to keep in mind.

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1. Make a list to separate your needs and wants! Take care of your needs FIRST, this way you have the rest of your money to spend on whatever you like.


2. Start early! There is nothing more thrilling than pulling an all-nighter in a mall! I suggest around 2am, even if you leave the mall around 10 that morning you’ve had at least 8 solid hours under your belt. This way you’re sure to miss the swarm of overzealous shoppers who haven’t even given dinner a chance to digest, as well as beating the morning rush of families who are just starting their day.


3. For popular and expensive items be sure to double check the stores opening time! There’s nothing worse than arriving too early and waiting longer than you have to or arriving too late and having them sell out of the item you want. BIG TICKET ITEMS SELL OUT FAST! Be sure to plan accordingly.


4. Don’t force yourself to spend money! If you don’t see anything in the store you can always wait until cyber Monday. Black Friday sales can be hectic and a bit unorganized so if you’d prefer not to rummage through things, waiting until Monday is definitely an option. And if you’re not absolutely positively 100% in love with something, do not buy it! The slightest hesitation means you’re forcing yourself into the notion that you have to buy something and it will only leave you unhappy in the end.

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5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CYBER MONDAY! Cyber Monday presents a lot of opportunities to purchase those items you’ve been adding to your cart all year. A lot of stores offer free shipping that day and any online shopaholic knows how much of a difference that can make.


6. Check the sale rack. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are opportunities to get the things you’ve desired at a lower expense, do not neglect the sale and clearance sections. You can often find clothes already on sale at unbelievably lower markdowns keeping more cash in your pocket!


7. Last but not least HAVE FUN! Take this day to be with the people closest to you. Make it a girls day out, have breakfast or lunch, or drive to a mall a little further out and make it a mini road trip. Black Friday shopping is competitive, and more importantly a team sport, so make sure your team treat it as such. Your mission is to find the best deals at the lowest prices.



*Also be sure to check out http://www.blackfriday.fm for the inside scoop on all the deals at your favorite stores.





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