The Best and Forgotten Early 2000s Pop Songs for a Girls' Night Out

As Club remixes and EDM songs have replaced the classic pop genre that most of us grew up obsessing about, I have often reminisced about all the great pop songs that a variety of artists had to offer. In honor of these forgotten treasures, I have thus created a short 2000s playlist for a fun and nostalgic girls’ night out; this can be enjoyed at anytime, whether you're in the car with your friends or in the dorm getting ready for a party. Give this playlist a try, and it will not disappoint!

1. We’ll start out with a fun classic from singer, Aaliyah. “Try Again,” (2001) is an R&B/Pop hit that came out right around the time of her tragic passing. The combination of her fearless style and tremendous vocals accompanies an energetic beat.

2. “Bootylicious,” (2001) by Destiny’s Child is something that will get all of your friends on the dance floor; the riff in the beginning, along with the beat is both undeniable and sassy.

3. In Britney Spear's reign over pop about twenty years ago, we have the hugely popular, “Toxic,” (2003). Most people know the song from its dramatic opening; the chorus is extremely well-known and inescapable.

4. Shakira’sHips Don’t Lie,” (2006) is a classic that you can absolutely not leave out on any playlist; within each of us is a sultry Shakira-esque diva waiting to emerge and shake what was given to us!

5. Gwen Stefani’s solo debut album, including “Rich Girl,” (2004) ft. Eve. was an immense success, and to this day it is one of her best-known songs.

6. The next song was released in 1999, but we’ll make an exception. Mariah Carey’s, “Heartbreaker,” ft. Jay-Z is a feel-good, flirty song that is definitely worth a try.

7. In 2001, No Doubt, gave us the album, Rock Steady, which produced hits “Hella Good,” and “Hey Baby.” Whether we would like to admit it or not, these songs were given massive air-time on the radio, and both have great beats.

There are oh so many more that I have left out, but these are some of my absolute favorites. While on this topic, you may want to ponder about some of the songs that you’ve maybe forgotten; It Is never too late to create a fun, retro playlist!