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Beauty Products You Need To Replace More Than You Thought

When packing for my apartment this summer, I threw away a bunch of beauty products such as lotions and sprays simply because I didn’t use them anymore. It got me thinking about what else I should throw away due to expiration, since I never really think to check expiration dates on beauty products or toiletries. After doing a little research, I was surprised to find out how often certain items should be replaced:

Mascara – I tend to use a tube of mascara until it’s way too dry to use. To avoid a harmful buildup of bacteria that could lead to an eye infection, it’s recommended to throw out a tube of mascara after two to four months. It’s also best to avoid sharing mascara with other people to avoid sharing germs.

Shower liners – It never occurred to me how nasty these things can get since they’re constantly being washed during showers and moisture and bacteria can cause a layer of film to develop on the curtain. If you are sharing a shower with other people, or have a bathroom with poor ventilation, it can build up even more quickly. It is recommended to replace shower liners every couple of months.

Tip: Look for shower liners without PVC, a toxic chemical, to reduce the chances of breathing in dangerous compounds.

Fragrance – Yes, even perfume expires! According to Good Housekeeping, light and humidity can cause the scent to change before the approximate expiration date of two years. However, if kept in good storage conditions, the fragrance may last longer, and if you don’t mind the slight scent change it should be fine.

It’s hard to part with perfumes, but I’ll use it as an excuse to buy some more! Image via of Shaina Hobbs

Toothbrushes – This one is a little more common since you see the toothbrush getting worn out over time. Frequently replacing this staple item, about every 2-3 months, will reduce bacteria and ensure the effectiveness of your brushing. Make sure to throw away toothbrushes after you’ve been ill, and to rinse them in hot water after each use.

Sunscreen – Although summer has come to an end, you should still be applying SPF to protect your skin! Many people keep the same bottle of sunscreen and use it from one year to the next. Sunscreens usually expire after three years, but to be safe and have the most effective protection from UV rays (sunscreen loses its effectiveness over time!), it’s best to buy a new bottle of SPF every year.

Nail Polish – We’ve all experienced nail polish that has gotten too thick to use. When polish goes bad it turns gooey. Unfortunately, nail polishes are sensitive to humidity and temperature, so it’s best not to store nail polish in the bathroom. I’ve even heard of some people who store nail polish in the fridge to make it last longer.

My ever-growing nail polish collection has recently been cleared of expired polishes. Image via of Shaina Hobbs

If you’ve already been replacing the above products often, good for you! If not, make sure to stay aware of how long you’ve had something in order to avoid using expired beauty products or dirty hygiene products!

Sources: US News, Good Housekeeping, American Dental Association

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