The Attack in Yemen

This is a small informative article. It just notes key facts about actions that have started a civil war between two countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran, yet the attack in is Yemen. If anyone is aware about this situation they will understand that no war coming out of the Middle East ends well. People will die and the damaged land will take time to restore.  

Over a week ago, Saudi Arabia sent troops to attack Yemen. Saudi is the United States third ally in the Middle East, so we should know how that goes. The support from Israel is the surprise in the matter. Saudi Arabia and Israel are not the best of friends. In fact they have been arguing with each other over sensitive space that resides in Israel. The fight between the two has been going on far longer than I’ve been alive, but from the depths of the attack Israel is more than willing to support Saudi with reliable machinery. Egypt has also stated that they are willing to offer support through politics and military forces.

            The attack seems to be a result of the power stricken countries Iran and Saudi Aria. The Sunni (Saudi Arabia) and Shiite (Iran) of the Islamic denomination are at war from these countries, but somehow they ended up in Yemen. Yemen also holds a group that go by the name of the Houthi Rebels. Saudi Arabia believes Houthi rebels are the same to Iran as Hezbollah is to Lebanon. Saudi wishes to see the Yemeni government succeed in all of their actions, but apparently being run the Iranian’s is not one of them.

Just think, many people will die from their actions.

Who seems right in this situation? Are they both wrong?

Between the two countries which one would you be, Saudi Arabia or Iran?

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