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Ask Andi: I Don’t Have Time To See My Boyfriend

Dear Andi

Between school, clubs, family and friends, I feel like I struggle to
make time for my boyfriend. He lives like 5 minutes away from me and I
only see him about twice a week. Any suggestions?

-Too Busy for Love

Dear Too Busy for Love,

It can be hard when you don’t have a schedule compatible with your man’s.  If you both are too busy to have some time for relaxing, let alone hanging out, try combining your daily tasks with seeing each other.  For example, you have to eat at least a few times during your day- so why not grab a bite at Susq together or order some takeout.  While this doesn’t compare to the two of you romantically wining and dining, it is better than not seeing each other at all!  Your guy should be happy to see you, even if it is briefly.  

My boyfriend and I have the same issue. We both have busy schedules, so we found a way to fix not seeing each other.  A few nights a week, he will come over and we will do homework together and eat take out in the living room. Sometimes we help one another and other times we are absorbed in our work silently.  While this seems awkward, it actually made us a lot closer!  Being able to do our own things but still show we want to be around the other really helped our dynamics.  I know it is not the quality time you wish for, but it is better to at least spend some time together.  It also shows him that you are not blowing him off and that you really are busy! It says a lot about a couple who can spend time together while not having to be completely absorbed in each other.  Who knows, if he finishes before you, you might even be able to get a shoulder massage out of him while you finish your paper!

There is no need to cut out anything important from your life. You can have your cake and eat it too!

xoxo Andi

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