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I’d like to present to some and reintroduce to others the RAVISHING Ms.Raygene Taylor. Those of you who are fortunate enough to know her personally know it’s no exaggeration when I say this girl is the total package! Raygene is a sophomore here at Towson, but don’t let her class standing fool you — she’s already made quite the impression. In just three semesters, she’s managed to become an active member of various organizations, including: Black Student Union, African Diaspora Club, JSM modeling practice, and Sage, all while earning a 3.3 GPA.


Raygene is a native of Bowie, MD; Prince George’s County, and a proud alumni of Bowie High School. In high school she served as Senior Class President, a member of the step and modeling team, prom and graduation committee, and even won most social! But Raygene offers more than just her amazing personality. She has a good heart, as she was also a member of ASA, and a part of her schools mentoring program.


It’s plain to see college hasn’t changed her one bit. In sage she mentors incoming female students, providing big sister services and helping them adjust to campus life. And how could anyone forget her big debut in the JSM show last semester as Dorothy from the wizard of Oz!



What may be most impressive about Ray is her ambitious career goals. She is a Pre-Business major and has aspirations to become a marketing manager for a large sports team or company.

I could go on and on about Raygene, but I think it’s best you get to know her yourself. She’s very open to meeting other people, so don’t ever feel you can’t approach her. She is the perfect candidate for this week’s Campus Celeb! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Towson University Class of 2017
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