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Alexandria Elia: The Face Behind CAB

With everyone is all pumped up about Tigerfest 2.0, we decided to interview the person that we feel is doing a great job of keeping students informed and making sure everyone’s voices are heard. We were so delighted to find that not only does the face behind CAB truly care about the students, she is a complete sweetheart! Meet Alexandria Elia:

Year: Class of 2016

Major: Mass Communications

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ

Clubs/Organizations: Campus Activities Board

Favorite place to chill on campus: The CAB Office!

Favorite place to eat on campus: The Den

What part did you play in making Tigerfest happen? This year Tigerfest is also known as Tigerfest 2.0 because of the new two-day split.  We knew that having Tigerfest outside again was a risk because of the unpredictable weather. But, we did not want to eliminate the free stuff that people love about Tigerfest! This is why I supported the idea of Tigerfest 2.0—students can come and enjoy the free food, vendors and inflatables that are associated with Tigerfest without worrying about the main concert being cancelled due to the weather. I also posted a link for students to take the Tigerfest Survey earlier in the academic year. It was important that as many students took the survey as possible because it was what CAB used in order to select an artist for the show. The survey reached over 2,000 students, which is higher than last year.

What do you do for CAB? I am a Marketing Chair for the Campus Activities Board. Basically, I am the face behind CAB! I work with CAB’s Twitter (@TowsonCAB) and Facebook account (facebook.com/TowsonCAB). I am a resource students can get answers from in 140 characters or less.

Alex working with CAB.

What is your favorite part about working with CAB? My favorite part about working with CAB is that I get to help plan and market these amazing events for students. I get to see the joy on all of their faces, knowing I helped make that happen.

What do you hope your fellow Tigers love the most about Tigerfest? I hope they are happy that the concert cannot be rained out this year, and that they will enjoy Day 1’s free music, vendors, inflatables and games!

Anything else you would like to add? I wanted the BANGERZ album cover featured in my interview because I love Miley Cyrus and I blast Bangerz in the CAB office every day. It never gets old to me! #bangerz

Pictures courtesy of Alexandria Elia.

We would like to thank Alex for taking the time out of her busy day to take this interview and wish her and CAB the most successful Tigerfest EVER! 

Check out Tigerfest’s website here.

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