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Advice to a New Transfer Student

Hello New Towson transfer students—just so you know, you are by no means alone. I was also a transfer who had to make all new friends, navigate campus, and get involved. You may be confused and possibly afraid as well. “Right off the bat,” I am letting you know that your journey will not be easy, and if you think so, you are in for a rude awakening. However, if you are determined to step out of your “comfort zone” then you will absolutely be fine and fit in as a new TU tiger.


 After going to a different university for a couple of years you probably met some friends and made unforgettable memories. Of course, once you either chose to or had to transfer, there was inevitable heartbreak once you cut those ties. You may be transferring from a four-year college or two- year community college.  Maybe you are now living a rather far distance from home and you are learning how to deal. It is ok to feel a little lost. It is ok to be a little down. What is even better is looking on the bright side; be excited to be one year closer to getting a degree which you have crammed and strived so long for. Remember—beginning a new school is not the end of what used to be, but it is actually the beginning of a new journey. Here, you will have a new opportunity to delve into your major and meet people with similar passions or interests.

One of the most important things that you can do once you start a new school, in this case Towson University, is to sign-up for as many weekly club and organization email lists as possible. Hopefully you attended the involvement fair in the Union a couple of weeks ago. If not, fear not because you can just log into involved at TU online and join clubs. Do not be afraid of cliques, or make up excuses to hop in your car and drive home to beat rush-hour traffic—this is especially for you commuters. No one ever said that getting involved required little to no effort. For some individuals, joining anything comes more naturally, but for others it may take that little extra motivation to delve in. Getting up in the morning to go to class takes effort, but when you do it you get better grades; the same goes for putting effort into finding groups to join.

Towson University has every kind of club and social or support group imaginable. There are transfer organizations and honor societies as well which may be great options to consider if you have no idea where you would like to start. To make the most of your college experience, you of course must be concerned with your studies, but take care of yourself. Also, give yourself a break and realize that it takes time to adjust. Just remember— you are not and will never be alone in your situation! 

Hi! I currently attend Towson University with a double major in English and Mass Communication. I am actively involved on campus, and hope to inspire and aid as many collegiate women readers as possible.
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