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6 Fashion Hacks College Girls Should Know

Being a college girl means you’re always on the go. You don’t have time to wash your shirt once you get a deodorant mark on it, or buy a new pair of tights each time you get a run. Therefore, you have to think on your feet to find fast ways to solve these problems. Luckily, I have those fashion hacks that will probably save your life one day and save you a buck or two.

1. Clear Nail Polish to Stop Runs in Your Tights​

We all have those days that when we are about to go out and notice a run in our tights. We start to panic because we don’t have time to grab another pair. Well, I have a quick fix for you! Grab your clear nail polish and dab a little at the end of the run. This will prevent the run from continuing on. Don’t have clear nail polish? Well grab some hairspray and spray it on the ends of the run. 

2. Renew Your Leather Boots with Petroleum Jelly​

Boot season is here… well it’s been here, but by now your favorite pair of boots probably have a couple of scuffs and don’t shine like they use to. Grab a washcloth and take a generous amount of petroleum jelly and rub it on you leather boots. This will reduce the appearance of the scuffs as well as give your boots a nice shine.

3. Clean Up the Soles of Your Tennis Shoes with Nail Polish Remover​

Although many like the worn converse look, it doesn’t hurt to clean them up every once and a while. I know my mom has gotten on me for not cleaning mine. Take a cotton ball and some nail polish remover and clean the soles of your favorite pair of tennis shoes. Be careful not to get it on the canvas your shoes. 

4. Remove Deodorant Marks with Dryer Sheets​

I know I’m not the only one that struggles to get on their shirt in the morning because they want to avoid getting deodorant marks. No matter how hard we try, we still get those little white marks that never seem to come off. So next time you wash clothes, save a dryer sheet. Then that day where you notice you have deodorant marks on your shirt, grab that dryer sheet and rub it until the deodorant marks come off. 

5. Get Rid of Lint Balls on Your Leggings with a Disposable Razor.​

We all have those favorite pair of leggings that end up getting those annoying little fuzzy balls. And we think that they’re never going to be like they were when we bought them. We end up throwing them to the side and buying a new pair. Well, don’t get rid of them quite yet. If you have a disposable razor you can shave the lint balls right off. They will look good as new and will spare you the time and money of buying another pair. You can also try this method on a sweater.

6.     Securing Your Bra with a Paper Clip.​

Even though its not summer yet, this next fashion hack will come in handy in the next couple of months. Not all tank tops are made for the traditional bra. Sure you can wear a strapless bra, but personally, the thought of having straps feels more secure. When you don’t want you straps to show, pinch them in with a paper clip. This will keep your straps hidden underneath your top for a nice clean look.

Although our budget and time are tight, it doesn’t mean we have to suffer through these fashion crises. These fashion hacks are easy and can be done with household items. So which fashion hack will you try?

Chanelle is a freshman majoring in mass communications with a track in public relations and she is minoring in marketing. Chanelle loves watching beauty & style youtube videos, Netflix and to listen to any music that she can move to. Her favorite shows are Grey's Anatomy and A Different World. She's a sucker for romance movies, but also likes action which mostly include superhero movies. Twitter:@_Chanelleee
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