5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers

As the semester comes to an end and we finally get some free time, writers of the college world come out of their three-and-a-half-month hibernation and attempt to get back to their nearly-forgotten works in progress. With the holiday season coming up and those stiff, dusty writer brains, painfully struggling to find their voice after the stressful semester, I have put together a list of holiday gifts to get those creative juices flowing for your writer friends.


1. Journals

Okay, I know it’s pretty obvious, but journals are the best! Writing longhand in a magical leather/faux leather journal is the best way to get your writer friend motivated to actually write. The smell of the paper and the binding will just make them want to join the likes of Jane Austen and Hemingway. There is nothing that will get your words out faster than a good notebook!


2. Books

Reading is truly the best tool for writers. Inspiration comes from others whether we like it or not, and there is no better writing inspiration than a well-written story by your favorite author. Reading also teaches the writer about the craft. Formatting, language, and style can all be a didactic resource for the budding writer.


3. A Cell Phone Printer

Pictures do wonders for inspiration, but constantly having to look through your phone to find the picture that sparked your imagination is tedious and tiresome and is sure to put you off the project. What will help this issue is a cell-phone printer. Cell phone printers are tiny little things that connect to your phone and print out small photographs of your choosing. These are great for character inspiration. If you have found an image fitting to your character, print them out with this! I usually try to find pictures that resemble the look of the character in my head and print them out for visual assistance. Sure, you could just print them out from a regular printer. But, you’ll have to find that Instagram picture somehow on the web or send it to yourself, and the formatting of the pictures on your computer is so tedious. With a cell phone printer, it’s all right there. All you have to do is press a button and voila! Your characters will appear in the blink of an eye!


4. A Cork Board

This may seem odd, but cork boards are a really good gift for a writer. With a large canvas to display all of your disorganized notes, pictures, and general ideas, the corkboard can give some order to your madness, keeping all of it in front of you so that it all stays in the front of your mind. Cork boards are used by many writers and even used by filmmakers to keep all of the elements of the story in one place. Help your writer get themselves organized after all of the semester’s chaos!


5. Blankets, Candles, Tea, All Things Cozy

Comfort is key when it comes to writing. Comfort items like blankets, candles, essential oils, tea, chocolate, and anything particularly soothing are great incentive tools to keep you consistently wanting to come back and produce more words. Sitting with a notebook, a blanket, and a cup of tea is a dream to any writer, especially in this cold winter season!


There are many other notable mentions like writing software and prompt books that would also be wonderful as gifts. So, treat your writer to some of these items! They are sure to have a productive winter break if you do!