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YouTubers to Inspire You For Back to School Season

By: Gabrielle Laws

Back to school means back to the grind. Although it's hard to get back to work after a long, relaxing summer break and this usually results in getting side-tracked online. The next time you get side-tracked, or even just need a break from your schoolwork, why not check out some inspiring YouTubers? Here are five of my favourite YouTubers to watch when I'm feeling uninspired and need to get back in the work state of mind.

1. Yes Theory

Seek discomfort is Yes Theory's motto; they believe that life is a journey that should be celebrated! They make videos of themselves doing unbelievable things like sneaking into exclusive parties or turning their backyard into a restaurant. These guys are truly inspiring and make you feel like you can do anything. They are my cure to uplift my mood when I'm feeling the blues. However, their content is highly addictive, which may lead to binge-watching. Consume in small doses.

2. Lucie Fink

Sometimes, we all want to try a new lifestyle trend to see if it would improve our lives. Instead of uprooting your life, try watching Lucie Fink's 'Living with Lucie' series. In this saga, Lucie tries out different lifestyles for five days to see how they affect her. She's done everything from eating only pizza for five days to meal prepping. The episode I would recommend to get you in the productive spirit are the ones more centred around productivity and organization!

3. Karin Bohn

When I hear 'Girl Boss,' I immediately think of Karin Bohn. Karin is an entrepreneur who started her own interior design firm called House of Bohn. She often vlogs her travels and work. When I need to get into the productive groove, I watch one of her work vlogs because I instantly feel inspired to work as hard as she does.

4. Elliot Choy

Elliot Choy makes school seem anything but boring. Elliot is a student who produces high-quality vlogs and tips for other students. His videos are really well-shot and edited. His raw honesty is refreshing. His vlogs are like a warm, comforting cup of tea when you are stressed about an assignment. He helps you get in the groove by showing you that if he can get by being a student, so can you!

5. Clancy Burke

If school has you in a funk, try watching Clancy Burke. Clancy vlogs some of her days, and they are amazing. She is so hardworking and passionate about her job. She could be having the worst day ever or even be waking up at 1:30 in the morning, but she will always have a smile on her face. She is truly inspiring and seriously has one of the coolest jobs ever.

So next time you need a break from schoolwork or find yourself distracted, try checking out one of these YouTubers. They might just inspire you, like they inspire me, to get back on that grind and achieve your goals!


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