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Wisdom for Your Terrifying Midterms During Halloween Season

Do you resonate with characters and their uncanny situations when viewing horror or Halloween movies? As I watched the adaption of Stephen King’s It, I felt Eddie, the overly cautious and easily petrified group member, was my spirit animal. I’m convinced midterms can frighten any postsecondary student sooner or later. With the month of October belonging to both midterms and the spookiness of Halloween, I’m dwelling on three movie quotes connected to Halloween or horror that relate to school struggles as encouragement for midterms.

“Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.” ~ Halloweentown

Before I expand on this quote, let me admit that I have not yet seen Halloweentown. I know this probably horrifies some people, particularly since I proclaim I’m a Disney fan. 

I came across the line while writing this article and to me, it’s such a delightful, honest statement. Even I panic for midterms but we need to empower ourselves to prioritize self-care if we don’t wish to be overwhelmed.

Study in intervals over revising everything all at once. Ensure you’re well-rested and aim for eight hours of sleep. Don’t abandon meals or beverages. I’ve mentioned this in my previous article on self-care: participate in preferable hobbies so midterms don’t solely grab your concentration. 

Also, I don’t know if you’ve thought a good grade was given to you by mistake but please embrace your marks because they’re your merits. On the contrary, if you’re not pleased with your grading, acknowledge that you desire to attain improved grades and heed your goal.

“If we stick together, we’ll win.” ~ It Chapter One

Now while Jaeden Martell’s character, Bill, says this line to in regards to facing Pennywise, a menacing clown that revels in specifically eating children, it possibly applies to university too.

From personal experience and what different mediums have implied, I’ve become more aware of how school develops into a competitive environment. Sometimes this prevents people from being able to rely on one another. During midterm season, support your fellow students. If you’re unsure of something, don’t hesitate to ask another student.

One of my classmates from my introduction to criminology course, who hardly knew me but usually sat within range of me, was enthusiastic in providing her notes so I could review missed classes. 

In addition, study groups are valuable. My friends in my first-year short story course would message each other in our group chat and chat over Skype to study for our exam together. This not only assisted me on the exam but it made me feel so confident because I knew I had my friends with me.

“Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?” ~ The Nightmare Before Christmas

Who recalls this Jack Skellington quote from The Nightmare Before Christmas? I certainly can’t because this is also another movie I have yet to sit down and watch. However, I think you’ll agree this line sums up our feelings about the entire process of midterms. Plans for how you intend to study for midterms aren’t always fulfilled. Time for a thorough revision of your notes and course readings can disappear and push you to review last minute.

Don’t blame yourself for unanticipated incidents which reveal themselves or if you’re just not in an emotional state to abide by your studying routine. If the score you were determined to receive wasn’t achievable this time, utilize resources the university offers at your disposition and strive. I’ve been told by those I know as well as influencers I respect that mistakes expand our learning ability and I wish to reiterate this to you.

Tune into Halloween films along with those of horror frequently and you’ll register that characters the undergo identical sentiments we perceive, although our positions may not be parallel. 

I wish all of you who have midterms or assignments that substitute for midterms, triumph and perseverance. Hakuna Matata and immerse yourself in the energy of Halloween!  

Subhanghi Anandarajah, who also goes by Subi, is a final-year student at X University pursuing journalism and a huge Disney fan. Not a day has ever gone by without her reading, and her mind is always filled with visions for stories she hopes to recount. Becoming an author is one of her aspirations. Social justice issues are what she plans to focus on in future writing.
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