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Why October is The Best Month Ever

By: Ruby Sahota 

October has always been such an exciting month. From the beautiful changing colours to the huge amounts of candy, you could argue it may even be the best month of the year! Here are a few reasons why:

October has always been such an exciting month. From the beautiful changing colours to the huge amounts of candy, you could argue it may even be the best month of the year! Here are a few reasons why:

Sweater Weather

After a long three months of hot weather, it’s nice to catch a break and cover up from the cool air. The weather is just cool enough for you to show off your favourite sweaters before winter jacket weather approaches.


Fall Fashion

Along with wearing your favourite hoodie to keep warm, there’s an endless possibility of outfits to wear! All your pairs of boots that were stuffed away in your closet finally have their chance to come out, and you can pair them with cute scarves and hats. You also have an opportunity to wear beautiful warm colours like burgundy, orange and yellow!


All the Leaves!

There’s nothing better than stepping out of your house to see beautifully coloured leaves covering every inch of the ground! It’s a sight for sore eyes as the vibrant, warm colours stand out and the crunchy leaves are just begging to be jumped into, no matter how old you are!


With October comes Halloween! Regardless of your age, there’s always something to do on Halloween, whether it be trick or treating or going to Halloween parties. No matter what your plan is, you can still get dressed up with your friends, your significant other or even by yourself to go out and have fun!

Lots and Lots of Candy!

October brings Halloween, Halloween brings candy! No matter which store you step into, all your favourite candies and chocolates are displayed and before you know it, you have more than you can handle! This isn’t even upsetting though because it’s your one chance in the year when you can eat an obscene amount of sugary treats and no one’s going to judge you because it’s Halloween!


All of the decorations whether it be from your neighbour’s house or your local grocery store are so fun to look at! It’s always nice to walk out of your house and see what kinds of Halloween decorations are up. From a hanging skeleton to a porch littered with pumpkins, your Halloween spirit grows!

Haunted Houses!

One of the best things about Halloween is all the haunted houses! You can visit them at your provincial amusement park, such as Halloween haunt at Wonderland. You can even find a street to walk down filled with haunted houses, such as Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. It’s always fun to go out and get spooked with your friends and family.

Seasonal Activities

Around this time of year, you take your friends and family to a farm and go apple or pumpkin picking! These activities bring apple pies and pumpkin carvings, both of which will put a smile on your face.

Old Halloween Movies!

There’s nothing better than watching all the “cheesy” but “scary when you were kids” movies to leave you feeling nostalgic! Movies like Hocus Pocus, Monster House, and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown are sure to hit you with the feels, all in the right places!

New Halloween Movies!

New movies are just as fun to watch as the old ones! Scary movies like Jigsaw, Happy Death Day and The Snowman are all being released in October! You can take your friends and go get scared for the fun of it! And if you haven’t already, watch the new IT! Even if you have already seen it, go watch it again!

Reruns of Halloween themed episodes

As a kid, the most exciting thing was waiting for the Halloween specials to come on TV! Shows from Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and for my fellow Canadian kids, YTV, were always the best things to watch and it’s still just as exciting watching those TV shows all over again, even though by this time, you know exactly what’s going to happen!

Halloween makeup tutorials!

For all the makeup enthusiasts and even non-makeup enthusiasts, it’s so exciting to see transformation videos pop up on your social media accounts! The list is endless when it comes to the types of Halloween makeup videos that are done! Some are scary and gruesome, while others are cute and cartoonish, nonetheless, they’re all interesting to look at. You can even try to recreate your favourite make up tutorial, or work on a DIY costume.


These 12 reasons have highlighted why October is the best month of the year, and no doubt you’ve thought of some reasons of your own, but no matter what, someone will always have at least one thing they absolutely enjoy about October!


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