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What To Wear To Your Country Music Festival This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Spring and summer are music festival seasons, and this year, Canadians lucked out with the stacked schedule of country festivals coming our way.

Whether you’re going to Boots and Hearts to see Cody Johnson, Cavendish for Zac Brown Band, or YQM to see Luke Combs, there is no shortage of festivals this year.

Start planning what to wear now with these tips and trends. 

Cute and Comfy Cowboy Boots 

When planning for a country festival, there is one must-have that completes any look: cowboy boots!

Having the perfect pair of cowboy boots is mandatory for any country festival. They must be cute and comfortable enough to stand outdoors for hours on end.

Depending on your style, cowboy boots are the best piece to base your whole outfit on. For example, you can pair black boots with denim shorts and add a black top and cowboy hat. If you’re more into bright colours, pair some pink boots with a colourful dress. 

Shopping for boots can be intimidating because good quality boots can be extremely pricey, but cheaper boots tend to be more uncomfortable when worn for long periods. One of the best quality boots brands is Ariat, which has hundreds of different styles that will last for years. The only downside is they are expensive, ranging from $150 to $1,000.

Steve Madden also carries good quality boots with many styles from $100 to $300. If you’re looking for something cheaper, Amazon carries many styles for under $100.

Here is an inspo board for you to check out your favourite looks!

Stylish Shorts and Skirts 

Festival season is in the warmer months, perfect for standing outside listening to your favourite artists. Being out in the heat, you don’t want to be sweating all day, so wearing shorts or a skirt is a great idea!

Denim shorts are a great option for being cool and comfy, and they are super easy to make an outfit with. Pairing some denim shorts with a cute top and cowboy boots never fails!  

Some of the best and most affordable places to get denim shorts are Levi’s, American Eagle, and Garage.

As for skirts, they never seem to go out of style, and maxi skirts are especially popular this year. A maxi denim skirt can be paired with almost any top.

Also, mini skirts are making a comeback this season. Satin slip skirts will also be seen everywhere this festival season paired with tube tops, vests, and tanks.

Some cute and affordable places to buy skirts are Zara, Garage and Abercrombie.

Here is an inspo board for you to check out your favourite looks!

Spring/Summer Dresses

I feel like you can never go wrong wearing a dress — they’re cute, comfortable, and can be styled in so many ways. Dresses can be worn as is with your favourite boots and hat or with an added belt or vest on top.

One of the best ways to style a dress for a festival is matching the colour to your boots or having it be the centrepiece with it being sandwiched between a calmer colour on your boots and hat.

Denim dresses are really fun to style for a festival, with them already having that Western feel, as you can pair them with a chunky belt or lay under it.

Country festivals usually aren’t as crazy as outfits seen at Coachella, so a more casual dress is definitely the way to go.

Honey Boutique has a great selection of spring dresses perfect for a festival, although they are a bit more expensive. Some of the best stores to shop for dresses are Garage, Princess Polly and Zara

Here is an inspo board for you to check out your favourite looks!

Trendy Tops

There are so many options of tops you could wear to a country festival — from flowy tops to tube tops to vests. Tube tops are always popular in the summertime and are great for festivals.

We will be seeing a lot of twist front and split hem tube tops paired with skirts and shorts. A fun way to style a regular tube top is with a low-waisted skirt and a chunky belt on top.

If you’re looking for something with straps that are easier to dance in, we’ll be seeing a lot of tie-front tops and sweetheart necklines. Crochet tops are also really trendy this year, from crochet halter tops to layering crochet cover-ups over a bralette.

Another fun top option to try is wearing a vest as a shirt. Cropped denim vests are super cute paired with a skirt or jean shorts.

If you want to wear something more casual like a t-shirt, maybe wear an oversized or cropped graphic tee to your favourite artist at the festival or wear something funny on it like “cowboy pillows.”  There are too many options of different tops you could wear, as they are a great way to represent your style in your outfit.

Some great places to find cute tops are Garage, Honey, Princess Polly and Amazon.

Here is an inspo board for you to check out your favourite looks!

Cowboy Hats

No country festival outfit is complete without a cowboy hat to top it all off. Wearing a cowboy hat to a festival can be convenient and help protect you from the sun when being outdoors for hours.

The hat should add to the outfit in some way, such as being the same colour as your boots or having an accessory to match.

When purchasing a cowboy hat for a festival, it doesn’t need to be pricey. Some trendy hats that you’re going to see at a festival are straw hats with beer logos on them, such as Corona or Budweiser. If that sounds fun, why not wear a hat with your favourite drink on it?

Amazon offers a couple of options or plain hats that are easy to DIY. Straw hats are super easy to style with almost any outfit and are easy to customize by adding your own beads to the top.

Amazon is the perfect place to find a good-priced cowboy hat, but if you’re looking for a good quality hat, Stetson offers many long-lasting hats.

Here is an inspo board for you to check out your favourite looks!


No outfit is complete without accessories, so finding the perfect ones is crucial to looking your best at your country festival this year.

Adding cute western jewelry is a fun way to spice up your outfit. This can be seen in pieces like cowboy boot necklaces, turquoise jewelry, or bullhead necklaces.

As for accessories, belts are something super fun to try out, whether it’s to hold up your pants or just to layer on for style. Chunky belts are super cute layered over dresses or skirts and are a great way to tie in the colours from your boots or hat.

Garage and Urban Outfitters have a great selection of cute and affordable belts, as well as Amazon, which has a wide range of styles to choose from.

Here is an inspo board for you to check out your favourite looks!


No matter what festival you’re going to this summer or what you decide to wear, it’s most important to prioritize your own personal style and comfort.

Whether you opt for a flowy dress or denim shorts, make sure you feel your best in what you wear to ensure you’re having the time of your life.

A cheaper and more eco-friendly way to find a good outfit is to thrift it! Thrifting is always a good way to find unique pieces.

Now that you have some inspiration on what to wear go look and feel your best at a country music festival! 

Kaitlyn Findlay

Toronto MU '25

First Year Fashion student at TMU. I love Fashion, animals, Starbucks and all things pink!