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Top 10 Favourite Lyrics from Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Olivia Rodrigo’s surprise announcement regarding the release of the SOUR Film drove her fans crazy. On Friday, March 25th, “Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 You (a SOUR film)” was released on Disney + and every performance was magical for Rodrigo stans. Following is a breakdown of the top 10 most meaningful lyrics of her album.

“God, I wish that you had thought this through before I went and fell in love with you” – “Traitor”

This lyric hits very hard because it shows the anger and frustration one feels when getting heartbroken by their significant other. All of the lies and the words that they told you bombard your mind and you just wish they would have figured themselves out first before dragging you into the relationship. If they were not sure if they wanted to be in the relationship, why did they waste your time?

“And all my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you” – “Drivers License”

I find this to be one of the most relatable lyrics that no one talks about. Although your friends are your true support system, they can sometimes feel annoyed if you constantly talk about the same person. Although you know they are always there for you, you can’t help but think that they are tired of hearing the same topic of how much you miss your ex.

“I still hear your voice in the traffic, we’re laughing over all the noise” – “Drivers License”

Ouch. A lyric that includes missing someone’s laugh who isn’t in your life anymore is painful. All of the happy memories and all of the laughing haunts you because you can’t help but hold onto the happy memories. Despite the heartbreak that you felt, just remembering the pure genuine memories of the relationship makes the process a lot more difficult.

“Like, which lover will I get today? Will you walk me to the door or send me home crying?” – “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back”

The song of inconsistency. One day you love me, the next day you don’t. Rodrigo explained inconsistency in a relationship perfectly through these lyrics. When you are in such an insecure relationship that you don’t even know the way your partner will react. The exact definition of moving one step forward but then immediately three steps back.

“But God, you couldn’t have cared less about someone who loved you more” – “Enough For You”

You give your everything to someone and you care for them even when they are giving you the bare minimum. The use of the words care less with loved more is a tragic way to explain how they really could not have cared less about the only person who cared the most for them.

“Cause someday, I’ll be everything to somebody else and they’ll think that I am so exciting and you’ll be the one who’s crying” – “Enough For You”

It’s your loss, not mine. After going through such a traumatic breakup it is reassuring to know that someday you will be everything and more to someone who truly appreciates you. At the end of the day you lost someone who didn’t love you while they lost someone who did. They will be crying at the end of it all.

“Say you love her, baby just not like you loved me” – “Happier”

This is the one song that says the words everyones afraid to say. When you go through a breakup you don’t want the other person to be happier with someone else. It is what everyone says but it’s not what everyone feels. Yes be happy, but not like you were with me. You can love her but please don’t ever love her the way you loved me. It gives me goosebumps just listening to the song.

“Know that I loved you so bad I let you treat me like that” – “Favorite Crime”

After going through a breakup and remembering all of the things you let slide in the moment is hard. It wasn’t their fault nor was it yours. You were just too emotionally blinded by your feelings for your significant other that you did whatever it took to keep them. Looking back it haunts you because you can’t seem to understand why you let yourself be manipulated that way.

“But I say that I hate you with a smile on my face” – “Favorite Crime”

Of course your first instinct after a breakup is to hate your ex because you believe it is the easiest thing to do but it really isn’t. As much as you try to hate them you will always have a smile on your face when thinking back to all of the memories you both shared. How can you hate the one person who made you the happiest?

“Nothing’s forever, nothing is as good as it seems” – “Hope ur ok”

The best lyric from the whole album. Nothing lasts forever! Enjoy every moment because you never know when it will be taken away from you.

Rodrigo’s SOUR was definitely a sad one at that, but she couldn’t help but make an album that everyone can relate to. Hopefully, her next album does not make us cry as much as this one did. Or did we actually enjoy crying?

Krishika Jethani

Toronto MU '23

Hi! My name is Krishika and I am a student at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am currently in the Creative Industries program studying Fashion and Journalism. I have a passion for writing and dream to someday become a journalist. I enjoy singing and watching Gilmore Girls in my free time! <3