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Headline pic for article from the event I attended.
Headline pic for article from the event I attended.
Photo by Mazaa Khan/ RTW

This Women’s Networking Summit In Toronto Will Enrich Your Entrepreneurial Journey

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

In today’s world, each industry consists of multiple competing brands, so much so it starts to become overwhelming to even think about being an entrepreneur. It also means you have competitors before even launching your own business. Balancing health, work and family is already hard enough, so adding an extra commitment can definitely seem daunting. 

However, Run The World Summit is a company that makes this transitional process much easier. 

The summit hosts women’s networking events and is founded by three minority women entrepreneurs. These powerful women, Zaina Moussa, Amanee Nassereddine and Rafaa Chapti, have put together a place for aspiring female entrepreneurs to take action on starting their own businesses. 

The RTW team hosts their “first Sunday” high tea brunch at the Ritz Carleton in Toronto, which takes place the first week of every month and is sponsored by TD. 

Her Campus recently went to one of the brunches to see what it was all about. 

These brunches bring together like-minded individuals, where they can make connections through networking sessions, listen to guest speakers, and partake in other arranged activities. Another cute perk of attending is the high tea, which comes with a gourmet selection of teas, sandwiches and sweet delicacies.

This event was extremely eye-opening as it encompassed a lively demographic of ambitious women in one room to think deeply about their dreams and passions. 

“Run the World is bringing the LA/Miami conference vibe to the GTA,” said Amanee Nasserddine, voicing how Toronto lacks a space for women to make their dreams come true. And our dreams are precious.

Personally, I was quite impressed by the notable guest speakers that made their way to the event. 

Jenn Harper, the founder of CheekBone beauty, spoke about her struggles and journey as an Indigenous entrepreneur. Her meaningful messages left the audience with heavy emotions and some tears. 

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Photo by Mazaa Khan/ RTW

“I am so grateful to be here, alive, doing this. I suffered from alcoholism, and I should not be alive today,” said Harper. “Yet, somehow, I am standing in front of all of you, and now my company has taken off.” 

She explains how the journey is never easy, especially as an entrepreneur.

“Business has its ebb and flow. Believe in yourself, show up every day and learn to fall in love with yourself.” 

Another speaker who has made a significant mark for herself in the fashion space is Ashley Freeborn, CEO of Smash + Tess. Her clothing brand has established its place in the industry and has been worn by celebrities like Hilary Duff. 

“You will get a hundred no’s before getting one yes. But keep pushing for a yes, and something will land,” said Freeborn.

The event also focuses on bringing women together to make new connections. 

Networking is the key to almost all start-ups. While entrepreneurship does rely on skill sets, it also requires the ability to engage in conversation. The person you are speaking with may be your next client, a social media manager or introduce you to someone who will play a big role in the business. You never know. 

It is important to take risks and invest time into your personal dreams. 

“Whether you’re a 9-5, a full-time entrepreneur, or have a full-time job and are exploring starting a business, Run the World is a space to help you build a life of purpose,” says co-founder Zaina.

If you are someone who has always thought about starting the journey to success, I highly recommend taking part in such events. RTW plans to host another event very soon. 

“We’re really listening to what our audience has to say, and we’re planning so many events to meet everyone where they’re at,” says Rafaa enthusiastically as she talks about the “Health is Wealth” event on April 30th, in collaboration with Lululemon. 

There were many takeaways from such a powerful and encouraging event. However, the main point that really stuck with me was that you should never stop chasing your dreams, and soon the dreams will start chasing you.

Prisha Dev

Toronto MU '25

Prisha is a journalism student who loves writing, travelling, sports, fashion and of course coffee!! She has written for numerous publications varying on many topics. Check out her Instagram for more content @prishadev