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So, I love to read. But here’s the thing: when I’m in class and a book is part of the syllabus, suddenly I just can’t get into it. Reading becomes a chore and no one likes that. As soon as summer hits I am so excited to just hang out outside and read a book without worrying about analyzing it for a quiz the next week.

But there’s also certain books that seem to be made for warm weather. Easy reads that you can calmly peruse in the mornings, you know? Here are some of my recommendations.

One book that I basically read every year is “Along for the Ride” by Sarah Dessen. Basically any of her books are great for the summer. They just have such an easy vibe to them -- except “Dreamland,” that was a sad one and I still loved it.

Another author who just seems to write for the warmer months is Morgan Matson. I loved her characters in “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “The Unexpected Everything.” Plus the idea of spending the summer with adorable dogs just seemed very appealing.

If you want something that’s more of a mystery, I just finished reading “If You’re Lucky” by Yvonne Prinz and oh my gosh. It was so intense I couldn’t put it down.

Keeping up with the intense, drama-filled books is the “Red Queen” series. This was recommended to me by someone a few years ago and when I finally got to it, I read the first book in one night and jumped to get to the rest of them. It is so engaging and full of ‘Yikes, why would you do that’ moments. Even though it takes place in some fantasy world these characters are so flawed and real. You will be totally hooked and you can thank me later.

What are some of your top reads? #HCRyersonReads anyone?



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