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As some of you may know, I am a sucker for a good mask.  I discuss this beauty staple in my previous article, “3 Korean Skin Care Products You Need to Try.” This is especially to be said of ones that have some sort of fun aspect to it. Trying out new products have been a bit of a hobby of mine these past few months, especially as I prepare for my grad photos. I am fond of this hobby mostly because it can be such a stress reliever. That being said, I would like to share this wonderful discovery that I have made – the Mediheal collaboration with Line Friends.

Mediheal is another well-known Korean skin care line that is praised for its skin changing results. The K-pop group, BTS, who have also recently created a collaboration of their own line of sheet masks, is currently endorsing this company, which corresponds to its growing popularity. If that’s not enough to entice you, then you probably just need to look at this Line Friends collaboration that I have fallen so madly in love with. The Line Friends are a set of characters distinguished by their animated style.  The appearance of such characters on a skincare product changes the experience altogether. A routine that may be mundane and uninteresting to some has developed, once again, into a selfie-worthy cause or just an overall enjoyable moment.

I took these off the shelves prior to having done any research on the masks or the brand itself. I had no idea what to expect. Upon opening the package, I noticed a scent that reminded me of baby products, fresh and soothing. The liquid used to soak the sheet mask has a sort of slimy texture, although not as sticky as other masks that I have used. Nonetheless, they are soothing when applied on the face. I would suggest keeping a towel close by because the mask often starts to drip.

The instructions suggest an application of ten to twenty minutes. I have fallen asleep with it on, I will admit, and I have not yet had any irritations. Because I have been told that over exfoliation of your skin can lead to more harm than good, I was concerned with using these masks too often. In the fine print, however, it does recommend to use these masks two to three times a week for four weeks to accomplish complete results. At around $3.50 a piece for a one time use, it can become quite expensive to keep up with such routine, so I personally think that using a sheet mask once a week is enough to wake the skin. You can expect brighter looking skin at the very least.

Sheet masks in general are a perfect way to end off a long and tiring day. It is important to take care of yourself and for your wellbeing. This might be as simple as watching TV with a cooling facial mask laid flat on your face. This can also be a fun activity with the family or a gifting idea for a friend that you feel just needs to maybe kick back and relax. These sheet masks in particular are best for a combination of reasons: their adorable appearance will bring out the kid in anyone, as well as offer a healthy glow.

My focus this year is to have healthy and clear looking skin. This is my ultimate goal in trying out new products. Perhaps this is also a goal for others, and so I would love to hear your recommendations @HCRyerson @justine.claire.

Let’s continue this conversation in relating self-love and skincare.

Justine is currently pursuing a BA of English at Ryerson University. Aside from reading great works of literature as exposed to in her studies, she finds inspiration from binge watching Netflix and from artist dates that include trying out new eateries around Toronto and aimlessly walking around the downtown area. 
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