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Recently, the Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 lingerie show made heads turn and jaws drop as models of all sizes and races strutted down the runway wearing Rihanna’s new sultry pieces. As we don’t often see this kind of diversity and inclusivity shown in lingerie fashion shows (cough cough Victoria’s Secret), the brand definitely deserves the praise and recognition it has received. However, there are certain choices that don’t reflect Rihanna’s alleged integrity, it won’t be so easy for her to just “Kiss it Better.”


For starters, the brand has been evasive and vague about their sustainability and ethical practices in regards to the manufacturing of their products. They received a “We Avoid” rating on the site Good on You for their lack of transparency about any harmful impact their production has on people, animals and the planet. Savage x Fenty currently holds the same rating as Forever 21 and FashionNova; brands which have been heavily criticized for their unsustainable practices, as well as their low wages and unsafe working conditions. Sweatshop workers endure conditions such as dim lighting which makes them susceptible to injury, lack of regulation on heavy machinery and the inhalation of fumes. Seems like the brand only cares about who wears their lingerie, and not who makes it. Definitely something Rihanna needs to “Work” on.


Savage x Fenty VIP members have felt like they’ve faced the scam of the century as reduced prices have come right back to bite them. Those that enroll in this membership face a deceptive $50 monthly fee that is difficult to opt out of. Even influencers who endorse the lingerie advertise the membership prices, not the original. This is yet another example of Rihanna’s brand lacking transparency and leaving fans feeling like they’ve fallen for a sneaky cash grab. Those who signed up for VIP without any knowledge of the consequences are left thinking “Bitch Better Have My Money!”



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Despite the praise that the Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 show received, Rihanna landed in hot water when a sped up Islamic hadith was used on a song to introduce Rico Nasty. While Rihanna was quick to apologize, this isn’t something that can be excused as a simple mistake. The disrespectful use of this Hadith was immensely damaging and upsetting to the Muslim community.

Not only did this action conflict with the brand’s advertised ethical values, but it also revealed their lack of “Consideration.”


While Rihanna has taken the right steps towards displaying her lingerie on stage, what goes on behind the scenes is equally as important. Although Rihanna is loved and admired by so many, her fans still need to realize that celebrities can’t be put on pedestals and must be held accountable for their actions. Going forward, let’s hope Rihanna doesn’t continue to make the “Same Ol’ Mistakes,” but until we see those improvements, let’s hold our applause. 


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