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Quarantine Blues: How My Lonesome Became My Best Friend

It is no secret that humans are social creatures and are not meant for the global lockdown that has caged us all to confinement.  As an extrovert, it was hard for me to stay at home. Most people took this lockdown as a holiday, but it quickly became monotonous before the first two weeks came to an end. 

The national lockdown was extended by weeks. I was restricted to my room and I had no other choice but to befriend the other entity in the room, my lonesome. With everyone disconnected from each other, I took time to learn about myself. I took up things that brought me peace when I was younger, like a book. Reading a good book became an escape from the dreadful reality outside and soon enough, I started enjoying my own company.

When days and nights became the same, I was desperately begging to do some work. Luckily with my first semester classes starting, I had already started setting up notebooks. It was dreadful to have nothing to do because overthinking became more inevitable as my mind started to wander. In attempts to mend this anxious state, I tried to overcome the intimidation that is an empty mind.

These four walls encouraged me to discover new emotions and observe the way my mind works. I learned that I am human and I’m allowed to make mistakes and feel strong emotions. It was the first step towards self-love and acceptance.

With countries entering the second lockdown, we rock on the same boat of uncertainty about where we will end up. This stress is harmful to our mental health and we must take care of ourselves, especially with the new semester beginning. It is important to know that we are all in a pandemic and we do not need to keep high expectations regarding accomplishing something. Watching T.V. Shows, reading books and writing stories is essential for better mental health. 

Developing a routine will help in productivity and mental health. This routine should incorporate all the school work, leisure activity and work. It helps in gaining control over your own time and life. It ensures self-actualization and growth. 

If you are suffering from mental illness, therapy, hotlines and online sessions are some resources to maintain healthy mental health. It is okay to reach out when needed. 

Under all the stress, it is important to go easy on yourself; we are all in a pandemic after all. If you think you did not accomplish anything in 2020, neither did I. I did things that made me happy even though they were not deemed as “societal standards”. Whatever I did was enough for me. It is important to allow yourself to be free and allow yourself to make your lone self your companion.

Ishitaa Chopra is an author, writer, poet and model. She is a mental-health activist and enjoys computer programming. She is also a self-proclaimed Marvel enthusiast. She spends most of her time binging TV shows.
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