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Sara Marsetti

My Experience At Mejuri – The Toronto-Based Store Popularized By Influencers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Whether it’s the digital age, the decade of the influencer, the millennium, or whatever you like to call it, social media has advanced to new heights; and with this, has come the phenomenon of social media stars.

The word “influencer” is a marketing term used to essentially describe someone who posts something on social media platforms. An influencer can also be someone that influences other people’s behaviours: whether this is to do something that they recommend or buy something they own. This is usually done through endorsements and brand partnerships.

What is my point here exactly? Well, I was scrolling on Instagram as I normally do, and I noticed that a lot of influencers I followed were posting pictures of these dainty jewellery pieces from a place tagged in their photos as “Mejuri.”

I finally decided to check it out for myself, and visited Mejuri’s online store. At first glance, I instantly loved their pieces. Everything was delicate and simple and could really add a little sparkle to any outfit. I did some more digging and realized that Mejuri had a Toronto location, and was even founded in Toronto by Noura Sakkijha. I decided to check it out in person with the hope of potentially buying something to add to my collection. Mejuri is super close to Yonge-Dundas Square, so my friend Stephanie and I took the 505 bus there after class and it only took about 15 minutes.

When we got there, we were instantly greeted by a bunch of lovely ladies. Finally, after we took some pictures and posted some Instagram stories, we got to browsing.

What I bought

My goal for the day was to go home with a pair of gold hoops. I told one of the really helpful employees that I wanted a pair of earrings that would last and that I wouldn’t have to take out all the time. I also wanted real gold hoops because I find that costume jewellery often irritates my ears. She showed me some great selections, some of which were a bit out of my price range. Since it was my first time shopping at Mejuri, I wanted to start with something small and test it out first before making such a big purchase. I ended up deciding on simple small gold hoops made with 14k yellow gold. I was handed an iPad where I punched in all my information and within five minutes, another lady came from the back room holding a white tote bag with “Mejuri” written on the front and my earrings neatly packaged inside.

Mejuri really gives the experience of luxury shopping for a reasonable price. Although I only went home with a pair of earrings, Mejuri also carries a wide selection of other great pieces from necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. I have my eye on a few rings that I definitely want to head back there for.

Final thoughts

It really helps the overall experience from a consumer standpoint when you go to a store and the people working know the products they are selling. My biggest pet peeve when shopping is when my questions can’t be answered, but at Mejuri that was not the case. All the ladies in the store were nothing but helpful and super professional.

The design and overall layout of the store was well organized and put together, perfect for some good pictures. Although the space isn’t huge, it’s definitely optimized by the use of tables, great lighting, high counters, plants, books and other kinds of gorgeous decor.

The earrings I purchased, called the “Small Hoops,” came to a total of $73.45 and they were worth it. It makes total sense now why so many influencers are seen wearing the jewellery since all the pieces are Instagrammable and chic. For simple jewellery, you can’t go wrong with Mejuri.

The only criticism I have is that they were a bit tricky to put on. These earrings in particular, are specifically designed to bend a certain way so that they can be easily put in, but that wasn’t the case for me. I had to get my mom to ensure they were clipped in properly. On the bright side, I now know that they won’t be going anywhere and I won’t have to be scared of losing them because they are secured. Other than that, I love them. I wear them every day with no complaints.

So, if you’re in Toronto and are thinking of stopping by Mejuri, I would highly recommend it. Grab your sister, your mother, your aunt, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever. It’s a cute place to visit and buy some cute jewellery. But if you can’t make it in person, check out their website.

I’m no influencer by any means, and I was not sponsored by Mejuri to say this but I can confidently say, it was worth the hype. And Mejuri, if you’re reading this, please sponsor me. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

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Sara Marsetti

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Sara Marsetti is a journalism student at Ryerson University who loves all things film, fashion, and lifestyle. If she's not watching something on Netflix, you'll probably find Sara drinking her iced coffee with oat milk, half sweet, from Starbucks while doing her homework, or exploring the beautiful city of Toronto with her best friends.