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Must-Have Accessories for Fall and Winter

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It’s that time of year again where we find ourselves bringing out the puffer jackets and boots, mentally preparing for the upcoming brutal weather. But one thing we can always look forward to is our outfits, and let me remind you, there is more to winter fashion than just a bulky coat. You can be creative and stylish with the addition of functional accessories, even when the temperature hits below zero. Here are some essential fall and winter accessories that will keep you looking cute and cozy all season long!

  1. Scarves

Scarves, a fall and winter closet staple, are extremely practical when it comes to keeping you warm, and it brings some flair to an otherwise dull outfit. One of my personal favourites is oversized scarves as they double as a blanket. When it comes to scarves, there are a wide array of styles and patterns to choose from.

  1. Socks

I think we can all agree there is nothing worse than having cold feet. Thankfully, slipping on a pair of soft wool or cashmere socks can warm you right up. Whether I’m running in a blizzard or snug at home, I always like to wear my coziest socks.

Keep an extra pair in your bag to be prepared for any rain, snow and slush!

  1. Earmuffs

Earmuffs, a.k.a the antidote to hat hair, is a cozy and chic winter accessory that will actually protect your ears from the brutally cold weather. 

  1. Mittens and gloves

Mittens are winter essentials that come in many options, ranging from leather to cashmere. I’ve already added The Super Puff Mittens from Aritzia to my Christmas wish list!

Another great option are touchscreen gloves which are lifesavers when it comes to uninterrupted texting and scrolling through TikTok.

  1. Hand Warmers

If you are outside for long periods, hand warmers will be your best friend as the air-activated heat packs provide extra warmth.

  1. Cozy slippers

If you are like me and are ready to go into hibernation this winter, furry slippers are a go-to to wear at home. Grab some slippers, your favourite book and a cup of hot tea!

7. Leg warmers

Leg warmers, a fashion trend that originated in the 80s, is a layering accessory that never seems to disappoint. Even major fashion houses love to feature leg warmers on the runway. 

8. Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses in the winter can help protect your eyes from the cold wind and strong winter UV rays. Sunglasses are an accessory worth investing in as you’ll find yourself reaching for them all year-round.

9. Gold jewelry 

It’s all in the details! I love to add dainty jewellery to my everyday outfits, but for the holiday season, I’ll usually opt for something bolder. Statement pieces like chunky gold necklaces add shine to every outfit. 

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