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What to keep in mind before starting treatments

Preventative Botox is all the rage with today’s twenty-somethings looking to stop wrinkles in their tracks. 

Dr. Adil Ladak spoke on its benefits in a post for Alberta Plastic Surgery. 

“As we age, we lose collagen, which causes us to lose elasticity in our skin so that it may begin to sag,” said Ladak. “This process begins at the age of 20, but if you start Botox treatment early on, this may slow down the process, allowing you to have a more youthful, wrinkle-free appearance for longer than you would have otherwise.”

The injectable treatment is all over TikTok, thanks to creators in the skincare and beauty space. Check out Jordyn Wood’s take on “Baby Botox” below.


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when  is the right time to consider preventative Botox?

According to this post, from Canada MedLaser, patients getting Botox must be 18 or older. 

Those looking to correct or fend off early signs of aging should give preventative work a lot of forethought. No one should receive cosmetic injections before sincere reflection on why they want the treatment. 

“Your decision of getting botox shots shouldn’t be defined by the current trends,” says Canada MedLaser. “Once you learn to not compare yourself to other individuals and accept your flaws for what they are, you’re going to make more rational decisions and get better results.”

Once a patient is sure in their decision, they may begin researching available injectables. 

Types of treatments

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery says neurotoxin treatments relax muscles by blocking nerve impulses. Botox is a well-known injectable neurotoxin, but it is hardly the only one on the market. Many Botox-type injectables are used by cosmetic surgeons to lessen the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. 

According to the ABCS, dynamic wrinkles form because of facial movements like frowning or squinting. Accordingly, Botox-type injectables are usually administered to areas where muscle activity causes smile lines, crow’s feet, or elevens – wrinkles around the mouth, the eyes, and the forehead. 

The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons says, “The toxin temporarily inactivates the muscles that produce wrinkles, thereby causing lines to disappear or diminish dramatically.”

To help assess treatment options, the list below details the pros and cons of various Botox-type injectables – all of which have Botulinum toxin type A as the active ingredient. 

1. Dysport

According to Canada MedLaser, Dysport requires fewer injections than other treatments because it spreads particularly far from its injection site. However, Dr. Jean Lombard says this may not be ideal for patients looking to target very specific muscles since the results may span a larger area than desired.

2. Botox

Lombard also spoke on the versatility of Botox in her post for Zulu Medical Cosmetics. The injectable can treat several neuromuscular concerns, including chronic migraines, eyelid spasms, and bladder dysfunction. 

Dr. David Altamira says some patients think the popularity of Botox implies that nothing can go wrong with treatment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Altamira’s blog post detailing the dangers of a bad Botox job says too many injections can undesirably affect facial expressions. To avoid frozen faces, Altamira says it is vital to get treatments from skilled injectors. 

3. Xeomin 

Dr. Mary Peirson says Xeomin is by far the greenest botulinum toxin product available in Canada. The treatment, “Is packaged and shipped using 100 percent recyclable packaging material,” according to Peirson’s post for ArtMed

Lombard says those considering Xeomin should note that it may not show full effects until thirty days following treatment. 

4. Nuceiva aka Newtox

According to Lombard, patients who receive a Nuceiva injection will see results in a matter of days – quite fast in comparison to other options. 

The treatment is not fit to address any and all concerns, however. It is reserved for cosmetic use and only administered between the brows or at the forehead.

What risks are involved

Preventative wrinkle treatments are remarkably common. Still, there are cases where too much product leads to adverse reactions. 

Health Canada says symptoms of these adverse reactions include bruising at the injection site, headaches, facial paralysis, and chest pain. 

Patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not seek treatment. Underlying neurological disorders, trouble swallowing, and breathing problems are also causes for extreme caution prior to treatment.  

How to prep for your treatment

The Pür Glow is a medical spa which offers Botox in Oakville, Ont. Their information pages feature a number of pre and post-treatment instructions. 

24 hours before their treatment, a patient should avoid alcoholic beverages. They should also avoid blood thinning medications which increase the risk of bruising and swelling after injections. 

According to Canada MedLaser’s information page, consultation and treatment require about forty-five minutes. Their price for twenty units of Botox is about 160 Canadian dollars. 

After receiving injections, patients should not touch the affected area – this includes not lying down for at least four hours! Additionally, they must stay away from facials and laser hair removal for two weeks. 
Visage Clinic uses a blog to inform their clients about aesthetic medicine. A 2022 post says those using Botox as a preventative measure will likely need fewer follow-up injections than those using Botox as a corrective measure.


Preventative injections are not for everyone. Actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis and Halle Berry openly urge young people to stay away from plastic surgery.  

In fact, some of these young people are not willing to spend their precious time and money on preventative treatments. Luckily, there are other ways to stop wrinkles in their tracks. 

A good skincare routine is key to combating early aging. Certified dermatologist Tina Alster spoke on retinoids in an article for the American Academy of Dermatology. 

“A skin product that contains retinoids is a good option for someone with mild acne, mild pigmentation irregularities, or mild fine lines and wrinkles,” said Alster. 

Of course, retinoids should always be paired with a strong sunscreen – which will also minimize future wrinkles caused by sun exposure!

Still, a topical skincare routine will only take you so far if it is not paired with healthy choices. The AAD says smoking speeds up the aging process resulting in a dull, sallow complexion. Similarly, too much alcohol will dehydrate – or even damage – the skin. So, a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle is the ultimate wrinkle-prevention.

Keep these potential alternatives in mind when considering preventative measures. 

Give yourself time to decide which injections are right for you – if any – and judge whether you are ready for treatment.

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