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How To Take a Break

By Swetha Srikanth

If you’ve got a busy schedule, remember to take a break. I’m not talking about watching an episode of your favourite show or going on social media. I’m talking about a proper break that makes you feel whole again.

From personal experience, here are a few ways to take a break that will help you re-energize for the rest of the semester:

 Turn off Wi-fi and Data/Put Electronics Away


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Get away from the digital distractions. Sit down in your favourite spot and let your mind wander. This will give you a chance to think about things you’ve been too busy to think about or just be free from everything else in your life. It’s easy to forget that we are usually doing something instead of being completely alone in our thoughts. Just 15 minutes of doing this on a regular basis can help reset your mind and help you get back on track.

  Explore the Arts

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Whether it’s music, literature, or visual arts, try something new. Be open minded. Listen to something you never typically listen to. Read an unfamiliar genre or a book that you have been putting off for a long time. Try producing things through new mediums, like inks or film photography. Devoting a little time to exploring something completely different and disrupting your usual schedule can be a great way to relax while still stimulating your brain.

Spend Time with Others


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See people and completely immerse yourself into whatever plans you make. Don’t worry about everything else that’s going on. Just make plans with someone and be present, both in mind and body. This can include cooking a wholesome meal, going out for dessert, working out, playing board games, or simply walking around campus. Taking a couple of hours or an entire day off to be around people is worth it, even if it means ruining your school or work schedule.

Make sure you relax even if you feel like you don’t have the time to. Getting back to your responsibilities after a proper break is so much better than trying to push through while you’re breaking down. Hope you take a break and end this semester feeling better than just okay.

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